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Drunken Bee's 2024

Decided to drop a few seeds in december for next year so decided to start a '24 Glog early.

I'm very lucky in that in addition to a small domestic greenhouse at our house I also have access to a significant space in a commercial greenhouse (our little island used to be the UK's leading tomato supplier but the industry collapsed in the face of cheaper imports from warmer climes so there are a lot of huge greenhouses looking for uses here). In it I grow a lot of perennial stuff that needs a mediterranean climate (or is marginal there) - bananas, figs, tamarillos, various passiflora and my peppers sit interplanted with them. With our mild climate it is possible often to overwinter capsicum of all species in ground in these big greenhouses - not always though so hope for a mild winter!

Taking these into the winter to hopefully overwinter:

Chiltepin Amarillo
jalapeno lemon spice
jalapeno maylon
jalapeno X purple tiger


Aji melocoton

Bahamian Goat
Bhut Orange Copenhagen
Mustard Gum Naga Brain
Pockmark Orange

Chocolate XPS
Oculto CLEF

10 days or so I dusted off the propagator and put in some seeds of

Cardenasii USDA X Cap 500
Eximuum Cap 1530

Arequipa giant yellow
de La Selva rojo Arequipa
mini olive
Orange giant
Pico mucho
various Rocopica crosses

A couple of Rocoto and Rocopica varieties are up already.....Really excited for 2024!
Do you actually experience (severe) frost in the Channel Islands?
It varies - some years we just barely get one or two light frosts a year, others we get minus five or six. Last year was bad enough to frost burn all the bananas in the big greenhouse (which is unheated) but all the chillis survived.

Perhaps worth being clear I'm in the British Channel Islands in the Channel between England and France rather than the nice warm ones off the coast of California just in case there is any climatic confusion on a global forum
A few pics from the tail end of the year -
Aji melocoton chucking out pods by the dozen - this plant is probably 4 years old.

Jalapeno Maylon - a pod I missed until this weekend which corked spectacularly

Rocoto Oculto CLEF is about 8 foot high! The background here gives a good view on the scale of the greenhouse....
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Did my traditional batch of new year’s eve seeds yesterday:
Chupetinho black peach
KS Lemon Starrburst
Aji sugar rush peach stripey
White Morouga
And a couple more seeds of two of the rocotos that are showing no signs of life yet

Whisper it as it’s a long way away from green leaves yet but that is a loop on one of the Capsicum flexuosum seeds - this is my fourth go at germinating this species and it’s the first sign of life so I’m wel chuffed!
wow that is some greenhouse - what else you growing in there?
It's a beast isn't it?
I only have a little section - most of it is operated by someone who grows indigo commercially. My section has bananas, figs, tamarillo, mountain papaya and passiflora as well as a few other bits and is a sort of ramshackle foodforest in a greenhouse in design.
Since people expressed an interest in what else I’m growing I thought I’d share a few pictures….
The most successful thing are these physalis ground cherries/ physallis - they were here when I got here and are a massive pain to be honest…

They take over and perennialise in the greenhouse and if not kept in check will overgrow everything else. This pile is all groundcherry

A slight cold-fried dwarf Brazilian banana


Some ripe turkey berries / devils figs / Thai pea eggplants. Poisonous at this stage as I understand it. We eat them green.


slightly grumpy tamarillo and very grumpy red dacca bananas not enjoying this week's cold! You can see some physallis seedlings on the ground too -they are a big problem.
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Nice grow going, DB. I hope to see some more of your wild varieties in the
Wild, Indeed thread!
The Flex is up and leafing out nicely.

First annums went in this morning:
- Thunder Cacho Brown
- Pippin's Golden Honey (have decided I'm definitely gonna have a real think about doing a Horace Pippin tribute grow next year)
- Petit Marseillais

Still to go:
- Capia
- Romanian Sweet
- Jalapeno - Billy Biker
- Jalapeno - Farmers' market
- Purple Haze
(doubtless some others I've forgotten)....