preservation Drying peppers

Long and skinny and wee little berries are just left on the counter, usually out on a paper towel. Even in the summer they dry out quick and I've NEVER had any mold on me. I live in a log house though, that may help some.
The heavier, more meaty ones I slit longitudinally. It helps a ton.
Been tryin the sundrying for awhile, tough with this humidity, after some time worked out alright i first tried my orange habanero's. I put slits in the top of the hab to put the fishing line through, water was trapped inside, creating mold. not all had mold and the good ones were scorching, Tried a Poblano a bit ago by cutting the bottom out so water would drain if theyre was any inside as well as putting the line through the stem. no mold soo far. it practically gets sun all day were its at.

just hung up some more poblano's and jalapeno's for sundrying.
prob 19 hours of sun. what i did this time i used a skewer poke a hole in the bottom of the pepper as if it was hanging, then poked hole with skewer in stem, hung em and hoping for no mold. only been trying sundrying for 4 month's some sucess soo far, like all the other ideas looking into a dehydrator.

hopefully won't be too long of a wait!