preservation Drying seeds for planting

Thanks to Mikeinsc (thanks again!), I'm going to have some fresh yellow 7 seeds. I would like to preserve these for the upcoming season. Are there any tricks to preserving seeds? Is there a particular way to dry them? Should I freeze them? Thanks in advance for the feedback!
Put the seeds on a paper plate put them in a cabinet and forget about them for like two weeks i stir mine around every now and then.. that will let them dry.. once they are dry put them in a little plastic or paper bag... and you should be good to go... I think paper is better because it will not hold moisture on the seeds
i was going to post a pic for you, as i just finished deseeding a caribbean red. but photobucket is having problems and won't let me upload the pic.
i do similiar as the hillbilly but i ziplock after about 5 days. but then i live in a very dry area and high altitude and my seeds dryout very fast. the ziplock bag, goes into another, larger ziplock and into my medicine cabinet they go. after i write the variety on the little ziplock.

good luck
it wasn't photobuck after all, it was internet explorer acting stupid, so i switched to chrome.
here ya go:

I dry my seeds in open small deli plastic containers with a piece of paper towel over the bottom and on top of the refrigerator. I store my seeds in a #1 coin envelope "2-1/4 x 3-1/2" then into a plastic box and away from light/moisture. Works great and passes the kiss test.