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Hi guys.

For work reasons I'm going to have to stay off the train this year. The last friday, they told me that I'll have to be traveling for a few months and it'll be impossible to know if I'll be home when the package arrives.

I've thought of several ways to go through with this. Leave someone in charge or send the package to a family member. But I think it might be a bit unsafe for the good functioning of the train, I don't feel good doing it like that. This is why I prefer not to receive the train this year.

I would like to participate in some way. I've a few heirloom varieties and a few others that I could send for someone to put on the train for me.
As I'm the last participant and I would have had to send the train back to LuckyLuke, I think it would be fair for me to send my contribution there.
Hey, @LuckyLuke, if you agree, send me a PM with your address and I'll try to send them to you this week.

Next year will be better for me, I'm sure.

Hope this doesn't cause any inconvenience.
Come on, everyone on the train!🚂

I'll try to do my best to be able to be inside when it's my turn. I'll have the seeds ready anyway 😊

One question, how much does the envelope weigh?
Wanted to send next day, ended up with a busy week, sorry for the delay guys...
Anyway package on it's way to Baekseju, France.
tracking info: RR500309453HU
Purple ghepard delight
Scarlett's variegated
Ufo fluorescent variegated

Taeyang mild (variety for making mild pepper flakes especially for kimchi)

P. Dreadie scotch bonnet (my fav yellow bonnet, finally could get some seeds again for the past season after losing mine, now happy to share)
Scotch brains yellow
Thanks a lot,

Today I will prepare the seeds that I want to put on the train, so it will take less time for it to be delivered once the package arrives home. Let's do this fast and light!

Hi guys.

The train came to my home this afternoon! Tomorrow I look at what's inside and send the next one, I guess I should send it back home (LukyLuke). Friend, can you send me a PM with your address?

Thanks to everyone!