seed-train European Seed train...

Hi Guys,

sorry, I should have checked this sooner. Please send your postal address to person in front of you.

1) Nulle (Denmark)
2) orrevs (Sweden)
2) BarbarianFires (Netherlands)
4) Baekseju (France)
5) Deadpouk (France)
6) Unai (Spain)

Choo Choo
Count me in for another stop in the Netherlands!

Question: How does this train operate? Is it a one way ride and at the end back to the first in row or does it travel on a return ticket or is there a train A and B? Been scrolling some pages, but couldn't find it and didn't wanna look trough all 52 pages! 😁

Train starts at Nulle, I do not have much to contribute anyway, so I just run the show.

I leave this to Nulle. Let's narrow the package down (remove heavy and old items or take more seeds and give them to friends and family members.). No problem.

1) Nulle (Denmark)
2) orrevs (Sweden)
3) BarbarianFires (Netherlands)
4) Sulsa (Netherlands)
5) Baekseju (France)
6) Deadpouk (France)
7) Tinkerbelle (France)
8) Unai (Spain)
depends on how the seeds have been stored Nulle

How about this for future reference - any seeds placed on the seed train should have:
1. Year harvested
2. Type of pepper/tomato
3. Who donated them

Anyone else think of information needed?
I've finished sorting through the seeds and (hopefully) now there's only from 2019 and onwards.

Now I just have to find the seeds I harvested last season (that I was certain I put with the other seeds before @LuckyLuke asked me to keep them here over the summer). If I don't find them by tomorrow I'll get the train going with what little I have from 2023.