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Extensive Database Brainstorm

does this sound about right? I think i will release wednesday.
Why did I create a new site?
1. Editing wikipedia source is pretty hard to figure out, especially for more advanced things. Also since it's completely free form the data can't be queried very effectively. All our data editing is done in using user friendly forms and stored in a database.
2. Wikipedia is very harsh with moderation, especially image uploads. We have pre-negotiated with some websites allowing their copyrighted content. We will not remove content unless asked by the copyright holder.
3. Completely pepper focused. Will be easy to find everything and keep the site relatively small.
4. Added a review system for users to rate peppers, there are lots of new varieties coming out and it's impossible to grow them all, hopefully the reviews will help to provide some guidance.
5. Added a glog system for users to keep track of their grows, and other members grows. We keep the data of the glog and its updates separate from the discussion on it. So you can see the users glog at a glance without having to scroll through all the other users comments. Then when you want to talk about something you head over to the discussion page to talk about it. 
6. All data is able to be searched, So we can do searches like .. I want to see all glogs located near me.. I want to see all people growing bhut jolkia.. I want to see all reviews from juanito.. i want to see all varieties that are brown.. i want to find accession # .. 
7. A Notification / Watchlist to keep you informed about things happening in sections / pages that you are interested in.

I can promise you
1. no adds
2. no premium features(everything is free)
3. Swift Moderation / Bug Fixes

The power is in the users hands to create and update the data.
Will you help us build the most extensive and accurate database for peppers?