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Extreme(ly) good decision


Extreme Member
I just anted up for an extreme membership.  It was not for the benefits (which are indeed nice perks), but because I feel I owe it to THP to not just participate but help with financial support.
Thirty-five  bucks!  It is so easy to waste thirty-five bucks in the blink of an eye - quite often on nothing.  With my membership, I get the satisfaction of helping support, for a whole year, this site that gives so much to me.  Dollars well spent - I should have done it much sooner.   Forgive me Boss.
Over the years I have belonged to a handful of forums/boards on various topics of interest to me.  I've gleaned some knowledge/advice, made some online friends, enjoyed some discussions; but never have I felt the connection with other members like what we have here at THP.  What a great group of people - helpful, kind, sharing and so very willing to give of their knowledge and experience to further advance the hobby of burning your anus tomorrow morning.  Where else can you get that?