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misc Fallacy or fact?

As per @Grass Snake 's advice, I'll be soaking some seeds with or in my morning coffee. 🤣

As per @Grass Snake 's advice, I'll be soaking some seeds with or in my morning coffee. 🤣

A peroxyde solution is even better IMO, it softens the seed shell, brings oxygen to the embryo while killing any possible nasties at the same time.


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do you think we need/want a separate germination thread?
There isn't one already, I checked
did the superhots emerge eventually? After now long?
Sorry for the interrogation but inquiring minds need to know this stuff :lol:
Another thing I'm curious about - this sink or swim seed thing?
Is it true if the seeds sink then they're viable, swim they've had it?
I've soaked some seeds in warm water (the ones that are dead now). About 50% sank down, the other half floated. They all germinated. Which surprised me, because I heard the same you are saying here.

As for a special germination thread, that could be usefull. I have plenty of questions to fill up that thread.
On the subject of weird methods to help plants, I heard that using pasta water with no spices in it for plants works as a fertilizer.
only if its not salted water, cold and not too often as it can cause mould
oh well if I must


This is some rabbit hole we have dug ourselves. LOL
If I learned anything about growing plants in the last 51 years. It's not so different than feeding your pet dog or cat.

Our pets get RAW meat with Cooked organic veggies. After 8 Golden Retrievers I have seen how the right food makes all the difference.

Just like all the super dooper Gun lubes we collect & all the Super dooper Plant product we all know so well.

Compost, Worm castings, Ladybug organics, Espoma, blood meal, bone meal etc. Just some of the foods the plants get year round.
All ORMI approved Pesticides & Fungicides.

So what did I learn? Well everytime I took of on a new fad, like gibberellic acid & wonder vitamins & minerals for plants etc.
You don't feed a Canine crunchy biscuits after looking at their dental work. Why feed plants needless chemicals they don't really need?

As for soaking seeds in anything other than what nature provides in abundance H2O clear pure water.
Never tried anything but water, first heard about Hydrogen Peroxide this year. Might try some on the Chili Chalaca seeds that
don't seem to germinate too well.

I threw out all those Duper Duper plant wonder drugs a long time ago. Now if I can just throw out all those cool SD Wonder lubes
I wasted all that $ on at those Gun shows. :shh: Just my .02 cents.
@Marturo I quite agree with you, all this fancy stuff to separate us from our hard-earned cash. To make us feel that we've found a miracle feed/cure to make plants grow bigger, faster, produce more and to get one over on the next guy. Really? Is it that important?

I have no idea what wonder lubes are though :lol:
100% fiction. Tell her to find her 3rd grade science book and read about photosynthesis. Plants make sugars from the CO2,water,and lighting we give them. The hydro fertilizer grifters love these people.