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off-topic ‘Fart In A Jar’ TikToker Pivots To Selling Her Fart Jars As NFTs

Uncle Eckley

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Art is an avenue by which we pursue mastery, perfection. Pushing peoples' buttons for its own sake, laying out a slew of implements and standing passively with a sign reading, "Do anything you want to me," hanging a crushed Nissan upside down and painting it orange, and so forth is just navel-gazing.
In my opinion art should not piss me off, but I am still open to such works just for the hell of it. Art should wow me, should make me think, ponder and reflect. It should be enjoyed, not make me want to kick someones ass lol. It should grab a hold of me, and impress me with its beauty and skill, and yes maybe shock me. Art just for the sake of causing the anger type shock effect is basically troll art. Plus, once I get over that shock effect, what is left? Does it have any real lasting signs of talent that will bring me back again, as true art does?
Some so called art is done by talentless idiots who just scribble or slap paint on a canvas and call it art. In the words of the senator on the movie Wedding Crashers, "ITS CRAP" If everyone could do it, then most everyone would. That would dilute real art, and then you would have to sift through a bunch of junk to get to the real thing. Like panning for a few tiny nuggets of gold in a bunch of clay.
I think digital art, at least as an investment is stupid, and foolish. I heard Jake Paul spent millions on digital art, and some of it has already been stolen. Geez. If I am going to spend millions it will be on the real thing. I absolutely laugh at idiots who spent serious money on digital art, which has no true scarcity. Most anything digital can be hacked, copied, stolen or destroyed.
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I think digital art, at least as an investment is stupid, and foolish

What about digital real estate? I know a couple guys it payed off for...
It might make money, I can't say. Ultimately if you can make money off of it without giving up too much up front, I would go for it. The digital space is growing thats for sure.
Back in my day we would fart in old coffee cans and give it away for free.
Those old coffee cans needed a can opener - left sharp edges - did it leave scars?

This coffee can actually has a lid that screws off so no sharp edges lol. See the seam there just below rim? Back in my days (the 90's) cans were metal with plastic lids. Good times

Uncle Eckley

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She is just selling her sexuality, thats why she is showing some cleavage and skin. I'd bet a unattractive woman would have a hard time pulling that off.

There's bound to be a kink for ugly girls' farts out there somewhere.. I can live with the mystery of whether they smell any different, personally.
Lol, for myself I feel this must be either a fetish or for weirdos, but hey to each their own. Not trying to pick on unattractive women, but its already repulsive coming from her, and it would be hard to imagine it being sold without some sort of draw, which is where her looks come in. I like to know how many she has sold so far.


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$200k and counting.

Now can this thread die?