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chinense Fatalii gourmet jigsaw worth giving greenhouse space ?

Hi Guy's

Is this variety worth giving my precious greenhouse space too ?? It seems to have been around for a while now but searches only seem to bring up videos etc from 8 or 9 years ago ??

I got seed directly from Fatalii end of last year and now have seedlings............how stable are they now I'm assuming they must be F7 or F8 by now ??

People mention unusual after taste ?? Good or bad thing ?? I'm a fan of Naga............

And I've seen mention of instability in "type" but like I said alot of information seems a good few year old ??

Anyone currently growing it or even fans of it as a variety I'd love to hear your views

Stephen 🤔
Hi Guy's

I'm a little surprised no-one has chimed in with views, opinions or experience of this alleged "super- duper hot " 🤔 :think::D

Anyway mines coming along just potted up to a 5 litre pot as I've far ,far too many plants this year .........:whistle:

Plan is to grow every thing in 5 litre pot max to reduce the size and keep them all manageable.


Here's my Fatalii gourmet jigsaw............"ain't it preedy" :halo:

Stephen p.s Hopefully I'll find out if it's worth the space..........
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It was bred to contend for the world record, but wound up as an also ran. I suppose it just didn’t have enough else going for it to gain a following. Those driven by heat moved on to the “official” hottest or the latest extreme crosses, neither of which Fatalii Gourmet Jigsaw is anymore.

Edit: not to decry your grow! Maybe you’ll provide good tasting notes and create a new wave of interest. 👍
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