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Fatalii Llama 2020

2020 Grow Log-
I am a novice still, but learning a ton and thought it would be fun to document my success and FAILURES. It might prevent others from falling into the same traps I have. 
Goals for 2020: Grow tons of varieties of peppers so I can try them all and really hone in on what types I really love and what types I wont bother with in future years. This is truly the year of exploration into this wonderful hobby. I also plan to harvest seeds so that I can save money next year! Shout out to all members who also generously sent me seeds or did trades with me this winter!!
Challenge of 2020: I am moving in the spring/summer! This list is daunting to say the least considering my circumstances, but I must try anyway! I do not expect insane/giant plants. Unfortunately this circumstance for 2020 means that I have no choice but to grow in nothing but 3 gallon pots. This is far from ideal, but I dont have a choice. I wont be using my raised beds for anything this year! Going back to my goal though, I simply need to gain some fruits to try many peppers and harvest some seeds. I hope to keep everything alive to accomplish this goal and chalk up 2020 as a success if that happens! 
2020 Seeds Germinating:
7 Pot Brain Strain Yellow
7 pot jonah orange
Aji Ahuachapan
aji charapita
Aji Cochabamba
Aji Colorado 
Aji Dulce 
Aji Fantasy
Aji Golden 
aji pineapple
Aleppo (Halaby) 
Bahamian Peach
Beast F3 bahemian goat 
Brazilian Starfish (Orange)
caribbean red habenero 
Cayenne (turkish)
cayenne long slim
CGN 23258
Chocoalte Fatalii 
corno di toro 
early jalepeno
Ghostly Jalepeno
jamaican hot chocolate
Jays Peach Ghost Scorpion
Lemon Spice Jalepeno (numex)
little bastard
Monkey Face Yellow
Pablano (ancho)
peach ghost jami
peri peri (refinining chili peppers)
Primo x Lemon Drop
Red Savina
Scotch Bonnet WHP
Sugar Rush Peach
Tekne Dolmasi 
Wiri Wiri
 Bahamian Goat
Farmers Market Jalepeno
Santa Domingo Pueblo
Pimiento Picon
Zapotec Jalepeno
Aji Cachucha
Thai hot "Spezzano"
Khang Star Lemon Starburst
bih jolokia x sugar rush peach
White Coyote Zen
White Aji Margariteno
Island Hellfire Cayenne
Aji Jobito
Alma Paprika
Apocolypse Scorpion
Peri Peri (thin justin platt)
Peri Peri (chubby justin platt)
Peruvian white bullet habenero
Scotch Bonnet MOA
Cabonera white
Jamaican Mushroom
Habenero Paper Lantern
7 Pot Primo
Carolina Reaper
Hey Everyone! Just a quick update:
I lost in the long term........my wife made me move the peppers (i also have to refinish the large deck)  :lol:   So I enlarged my garden and spread them all around the perimeter. The picture is taken from the roof of my house! They aren't as large as I would like yet. That being said, I am not expecting a whole lot from them anyways. Since this is an exploration year, I only have them in 3 gallon containers and potting mix from LAST YEAR. I did not even fertilize them yet. I will bubble a worm casting tea this weekend though. They should be looking pretty nice in about a month (all things considered). I did lose a couple more varieties due to rabbits including one that I was super excited for: AJI Charapita and Aji Crystal :(  A woodchuck/groundhog chewed through my fencing today too and I haven't checked for damage yet  :mad: Pretty soon I will take an actual count of live potted plants and start making records of everything I would want to remember about each variety to help me hone into what I like and what grew the best in my area. 
garden shot.JPG



Extreme Member
Those plants are going to make an awesome
fence around your garden! Three gallon containers
are plenty big to grow nice plants.
Death to groundhogs (or whatever.)   :flamethrower: