Feisty Parrot New Launch Giveaway - March 2014!!

Hi All
As some of you may or may or may not know, Feisty Parrot just added a fourth sauce to their product line :dance:
El Jefe is our new mild baby, a Smokey Jalapeno Mango Pepper Sauce. This versatile sauce is a true Flavor Fiesta and is amazing on just about any dish from Meat and Fish to Eggs and Tacos!
In Feisty Parrot tradition we are offering an exclusive THPer competition. Three :hotsauce: of El Jefe are up for grabs and hey you never know what else may fall into a half empty box around here these days :D
The Competition:
:onfire: Tell us why YOU should be the one to win a bottle of El Jefe! :onfire:
Last entry accepted at 12pm EST on 31 March 2014
Winners will be announced on 1st April 2014
Open to US addresses only (excluding Hawaii and Alaska)
Don't forget to like our facebook page www.facebook.com/feistyparrot
Good Luck!!
El Jefe Label Final.jpg

I think that I should win a bottle of sauce because I am on a journey to find the right sauce for me. I love hot, hot peppers but when it comes to sauces I am very particular. I just haven't found that perfect one yet. I keep searching and buying and tasting but I am as of yet unsatisfied. This one sounds delicious and it is definitely one I would love to try. Even if it turns out that I don't like it I will pass it along to a friend. I never let a hot sauce go to waste. But, perhaps this is the one for me.
I think I should win this because I honestly don't think there is a better tasting sauce pepper than a Jalapeno.   Smoked with mango also sounds epic!  I've never tried a Feisty Parrot sauce before,  and would love to try one.    Thanks for the giveaway,  and thanks for making a Jalapeno sauce. 
Quiero ganar porque soy el Jefe. Sí, ruido sordo pecho (tos, tos) estoy!
English translation:
 I should win because I am the Chief. Yes, thumps chest (cough, cough) I am
I think I should win a bottle of El Jefe because tonight I just bought a bottle of Savage Beast, Demented Canary and OUCH! and then I liked your Facebook page!
Mango goes very well with heat. I have tired others and would love the chance to try yours.



P.s. I liked the face book & commented on a review Jay did of your work.
Although I'd love to try El Jefe, I think someone else should win as I just won OUCH plus a bonus bottle of Savage Beast in the last FP contest so I shall not be entering.
Good luck to the rest of you.  Three will be in for a treat for sure!
I should win, because if I don't, I'm deleting all of your posts!

All jokes aside, the closest thing you can get to quality hot sauce around here is cholula. It would be great to try something new.
I should win because I'm always looking for new mild sauces for my wife to try, in the hopes that I can then use it to justify buying hotter sauces for myself.