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recipe-help Finding a really sweet and really hot sauce (think pepper palace sweeter reaper)

Hello, everyone!  I've been a fan of hot sauces for quite some time and have a few goto favorites (store bought).  However, I found one that I truly love from the pepper palace.  It's call "sweeter reaper"...it was given as a gift and I was shocked it's $19 for a 5oz bottle!  As much as I like it, that's just not reasonable.  So I'm looking for a recipe that is very sweet and hot, I prefer pineapple over Mango, but either would do.  When I look at the ingredients for their sauce:
From label in order:
Lime Juice
Reaper Peppers
pineapple juice concentrate
Xanathan gum
So, I'm new to making hot sauces, but I have no idea where to begin by knowing anything about the ratios or amounts to use.  Obviously the label gives a template of whats more than another ingredient.  But Sugar could be 50% or 20%...
So if anyone has any recipes laying around that spicy and sweet (If I were guestimate the sweeter reaper is around 100k Scoville).
By looking at the nutritional label, you can see that there is <1 g of sugar per 4.5 g serving. From there, you can sum the sugar from the sugar, juices, concentrates to figure out a maximum amount of sugar.

I've been working on a clone for a sauce made by a company that recently went out of business. I've had the most luck when I make a hot sauce "base" and slowly add additional ingredients to taste. For the base in this case, consider vinegar, water, carrot, salt and reapers. Blend it up and let it sit in the fridge a few days. Take a 1/4 cup, mix in some sugar, lime juice, blended pineable, coconut, pineapple juice concentrate to taste. Take very clear notes on how much of each you're adding. Once you get something you like, just scale up that recipe.
You might iterate this process a few times. It's easy to add, but once you add too much you might need to toss it in the fridge and start over.