wine First attempt at wine.

So, growing up in the backwoods of Alabama, I watched my dad make wine from several wild fruits.

Anyways, a few days ago, I was given two five gallon buckets full of Japanese Plums. The bulk of them are going into plum/hot banana pepper jelly, but that will be another post.

Everything I know is from memory and honestly, I have a horrible memory. If you are a avid wine maker/drinker, I would suggest you turn back now.

I used:

10 pounds of plums - halved to remove the pits.
5 cups of sugar
2 gallons of water
1 pack of yeast (shh! I used bakers yeast!)*

*I know the baker's yeast will change the flavor of the wine.

I boiled the fruit sugar and water to make a reduction, then squeezed the rest of the juice out of the plums with cheese cloth.

After pouring the reduction in to one gallon plastic jugs, I hydrated the yeast and added it.

After a good shaking, I topped all three gallons with a balloon.

I left them sitting on the counter over night to make sure the yeast took and placed them in the back of a closet today to let them ferment for the next few weeks before siphoning it off to let sit for a few more months.

This one almost had a foam over:


Close up of the color:

I'm not sure if the bakers yeast will give a decent alcohol content. Do you have a hydrometer to test the content when it is finished fermenting?
No, I don't have a hydrometer. I think I should have mentioned that two gallons of the wine will go to flavoring a hot sauce, so the alcohol content really isn't that important. I am just looking for the fermented taste.
A hydrometer wouldn't help at this stage anyway, you have to take two readings. One at the beginning (SG) and one at the end of the ferment (FG). Then you do the math to figure out the alcohol content. JFYI