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First Grow Log..let's grow!

Hello fellow Capsichums!

I figured I would start a log here, mainly to learn and also share some of my own experience with what seems like a bunch of fellow plant nerds!

I have grown organically(mostly indoors) for about 5 years but am new to growing peppers! I'm still trying to figure out the best way to feed as they grow, as I am used to growing in large 20gal pots, which are much easier to manage with just top dressing and watering, whereas the peppers will be going into 5 gals max and will be outdoors(indoor space is for more..profitable crop...).

Not really the style I'm used to! But I will have over 130 plants once I pop the last few seed packs I have... try filling 130 20gals with soil LMAO
No thanks.
Anyways...the varieties I have starting right now(direct seeded March 21st) are a Cayenne Blend, Thai Hot, Shishito, Ghost, JalaFuego, Serrano, Jalapeno and Mini Bell. I'm also waiting on some Aji Gold, Yellow Scotch Bonnet, Carolina Reaper and Habanada seeds to arrive that I will be starting too.

I think I'm going a bit mad with the amount but hey, what ya gonna do lol

An exhilirating look at some soil and tags you can't read.

Cayenne was the winner in the race to sprout!

These are the Mini Bells which I neglected to write date of seeding but I'm going with the 16th of March!

I plan on keeping this updated at least weekly. Hopefully make some friends along the way.
If you have any questions about my soil mix or indoor setup, feel free to ask!

See you in the garden!
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I tend to nip the flowers. I thought that would let the plant direct the energy to growing. That with flowering, plant growth would become less of a priority of the plant. But reading Marc's answer, I realize I don't really base my decision on any sturdy evidence.


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I don't remove the flowers from my plants and they still grow plenty large. I don't know how large they would get when taking the flowers off though... maybe we should do the test with two plants of the same variety and remove the flowers from one.

"They" also say that you should top the plants to encourage growth and then there are people who say that it doesn't make a difference. Who is right?
Topping plants encourages bushy growth, right? But it does stunt the plant in it's general growth for a bit I believe. After which it starts making extra side branches. I think topping depends on how long your growth season is and if you can make up for the small stunt in growth.
Yes for sure with the topping. From experience with other plants it definitely will increase yield, but will stunt for a week or so. That growth usually seems to come back more vigorous though..however some cultivars dont respond well at all(generally the more equatorial varieties).
I guess it would be good to give yourself and extra week or 2 before transplanting if topping.
Edit to add: I think I'll try that side by side with a couple(plucking off flowers and not).. see if theres a difference.
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Update for the week. I’m thinking I’ll try and save at least 2 or 3 or each variety..(will be giving most away since I can’t afford the soil and pots!).

After chats from my last update I’m hoping to run a couple side by side experiments with some of the varieties. One control left to grow..one topped..one topped and removing early flower sets. Just for fun obviously not very scientific 🤫 B1FAC438-E346-4852-9DCD-73C083163958.jpeg C0115050-0B47-4005-AE0D-0000B95C4DEA.jpeg 13BEC312-54EE-4BAD-97D4-646681652691.jpeg
Good morning folks!
Had a bit of a panic this morning when I thought I'd found aphid eggs on some plants in the indoor tent. I'm pretty sure from googling that it is Edema, but if anyone could confirm I'd appreciate it.

image0 (2).jpeg
image1 (1).jpeg