capsaicin First Trinidad Scorpion and a Change in Direction

Pimental said:
I guess most of that is common to all people trying really hot peppers for the first time, so I'm not complaining - it was a good experience. But I can't really say I liked it. And I don't have a particular desire to continue to consume things that hot. I thought I would, but after that, the appeal for "extreme heat" is kinda gone in me. I'll grow the scorpion plant I've got and maybe make some sauce from it, but I threw out the seeds I'd saved, and I think I'm gonna stick to mostly less-hot varieties from now on.

I was kinda wondering if anyone had a similar experience with this?

Nothing wrong with just liking habanero (or whatever) as a max heat if that’s what works for you. Eat what you like. If you develop a tolerance and want more, delve back in to super hots. And I’d recommend you save those or upcoming seeds just for the hell of it. I’ve germinated nine year old ones in a last ditch effort before.

This year I made a pure 7 pod Jonah fermented sauce and could not stop eating it. Sometimes if you eat enough super hots it gets you both ways in the bathroom if you know what I’m sayin. I’m just gonna stop posting there.
Sorry to relive this thread, but I just read it and I found your story with the first superhot to be very funny.
Something similar happened to me, with a Moruga Scorpion, but I ate a bite, as initially it did not bite much and the taste was very good I thought "maybe it is a hybrid and it doesn't have too heat, it is very tasty" and I ate the rest .. I think everyone can imagine the story below: shortness of breath, hiccups, tears and many insults to myself.

I also got angry and threw seeds. I thought that was not for me.

Today I still plant superhots, but only one or two varieties per season. The rest are more manageable peppers, the limit I have put in the habanero heat. I like to eat them fresh, sliced on the food; so the less spicy are better for me.

With the superhots I make oil infusions and some fermented sauce. Also, sometimes, I dare to chop a little in my food, even if later my stomach tells me that it wasn't good.

It's okay that you want to change course and plant softer strains, I do too. But I am sure that now, two years later, you have planted superhots again.

Tell us, what are you grow now?