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It's no use fishing while ski doo and atv are fooling around, even when fishing 300' deep (literally). That's why i used to sleep often in my shack (and because it didn't matter getting drunk as hell, no need to drive). In fact, best time to fish in the village is sunday past 3-4 pm, everybody leaves to prepare for work the bay becomes extremely calm are the fish are active again.
Imagine, you fish in 300+ feet of water, me in only 3 (ice is almost as thick as the water depth under it here!)😅 All this on ice "activity" is certainly having a negative impact on my chance to catch fish.That being said, the bay I'm in is not very productive (but only 10 minutes away from my house); February usually give better results than January, March even better while we can still acces the spot (Coast Guard start deicing the St-Lawrence in early March). The 2-stroke mofos will probably leave around sunset. Since I'll be here until 8 pm or so I should still have time to catch something! I mostly come during the week (much more quiet) but here I am (my usual fishing partner is on the Covid protocol)...!
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I think you caught a hybrid there called a Saugeye (cross between a Sauger and Walleye) Nice catch!!!
You are right mate, it wasn't a walleye but a sauger! You know your fishes well🧐👍
Minus 10C but windy AF so it feels more like -20C on the ice!!
@Bou Wow! It definitely looks cold AF. I'm sure there's some fun mixed in there somewhere, lol.
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Hell yeah @Downriver !! I'll be back for some more "fun" tomorrow with some buddies, my season is coming to an end soon :(
Every fall, history repeats itself: the last walleye and sauger fishing trip on the St. Lawrence River leads to a feeding frenzy and pays off! Now begins the wait for the ice to cover the bay...🌧️❄️☃️