seeds Free Pubescens Seed Give Away!

I am doing a free seed give away to contribute to all of the amazing peple here on THP. This give away is to spread around some seeds to people that have interest in growing Capsicum Pubescens, and intend on growing them this upcoming 2018 season.

Drop me a PM, and your seeds will be in the mail in time to germinate for the 2018 season.

US only

50 post minimum

Free Seeds Available While Supplies Last

Seeds dispersed will be from the following varieties:
Peruvian Red Rocoto (Arequipa)
Peruvian Red Rocoto (Lima)
Guatemalan Red Rocoto
Guatemalan Orange Rocoto
Ecuadorian Sweet Rocoto
Aji Largo (Pubescens)
Peru Bitdumi (Pubescens)
Giant Red Rocoto (Miraflores Market)
Aji Oro (Pubescens)
Orange Rocoto
Rocoto Montufar
Custco Hot (Pubescens)
Mini Rocoto
Red Manzano
Turbo Pube
Rocoto Oculto
Red Peruvian Rocoto
Giant Red Rocoto
Giant Yellow Rocoto
Rocoto Peru Cusco
Mini Red Rocoto
Large Red Rocoto
Turbo Pube


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Please include your addy in your initial posts for this give away. Don't be offended if my response is "sent", I'm not trying to be blunt. I've been sending out quite a few seeds, so it's the easiest way for me to keep up.
Wow Dale, just found this post! You know I fell in love with the Rocotos this last season, you sent me some (Peruvian Red, Aji Largo, Aji Oro), and I'm wondering if those are the really big ones. I got a jones on for some Rocoto Rellenos.
All the Rocotos I grew this last season wound up to be jelly-makin' sized.
I would like to try one that will grow in my area outside. I dont have space inside except for sprouting or a greenhouse. Whichever one you think will produce the best for my conditions is fine.
PM sent.
Anyone else need any Pube seeds for 2018 season?

I'm about to wrap up this give away. I've sent a ton of seeds out, so needless to say there will be a lot of purple pepper flower shots on the forum this year.

PM me in the next week or so, and I will send out the seeds. I have enough send out assortment packs to another 15-20 people. Cheers!


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