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Oops, so it is. I thought i read it was a baccatum. Germination rate was stellar btw. The P. Dreadies were also. Only 1 hasn't yet out of 6 or 7.
Do the pubes like a tad more heat for germination or do they just normally take much longer? Room temp is only about 70F. I only got 2 of 8 on the Miraflores but i think i got them a little too warm on the heat mat. 1 of the 2 didnt make it. :( The one that did though looks excellent. The Mini Reds have been in a wet paper towel for almost 2 weeks. I open them each day for a few minutes of fresh air.
The Pubes take a bit longer to germinate. Room temp works just fine. The mini red rocoto can take a good 3+ weeks to germinate. You might want to only check every week or so, wether the roots are popping on or not. I just had a bunch of them germinate that I started at the beginning of February.
Mini Reds i got 5 out of 6-7 to germinate in a paper towel at room temp. Its been about 14 days. Probably a bit less actually because i havent checked them in a few days. All of those 5 went in Jiffy pots yesterday.
I will try the paper towel method again with some Miraflores. I would like at least 1 more plant.
My very happy and nicest Mini Red Rocoto went into the window sill today.

Those Pubes are looking very nice! Don't be fooled by the size of the pods on that mini rocoto. That plant will get pretty huge, depending on the size of the pot you put that in. The Miraflores won't be as big of a plant, but is super productive, with some VERY juicy sweet/heat yellow pods.

I feel you on those P. Dreadies. I potted up 2 P. Dreadies in 10 gallon grow pots with no hardening off, in now 3 straight days of 85-90 degree temps. Those plants have no sunburn, and are absolutely loving their new homes in the heat!