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Free SFRB Fresh Peppers - Guessing Game Contest - US Only

Thanks for the contest, I'll pick 10.
Favorite pepper: Bahamian goat (not growing this year, my overwinter didn't make it and I didn't start seeds for it since I thought the overwinter would produce a ton of pods)
Next year: JPGS and/or Choco BBG7
Favorite is a tie between Scotch Bonnets and Yellow 7-Pots.
Most excited to grow next year are the seeds from a Red Frutescens cross that I am growing out this year.
Favorite is MOA Scotch Bonnet Yellow.
Most excited to grow next year are the Chocolate Scotch Bonnets.


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Guess is 34.
All time Favorite Pepper is the Wiriwiri
Not sure ~next year...probably some elusive wild. ;)
Jubnat said:
Awesome, congrats Gorizza!  and thanks TXHP!
Whatcha gonna do with all them peppers?
It looks like a bunch of different varieties, so I'm OBVIOUSLY saving seed. Since everything will be cut open I'll eat as much fresh as I can cut up over lunches and dinners, then pop the rest in the dehydrator and put together in a baggie labeled "TexasHotPeppers Secret Recipe" and save it for the cruelest bowl of chili ever seen.
It'll probably go something like this:
rehydrate peppers in beef stock, then blend. Then throw away blender bc that baby is ruined.
lightly brown beef tips and ground beef in lard, then drain the lard.
small-dice white onion and garlic
mix everything together in a big with some more beef stock
low heat in a well aerate kitchen and vacate.
go buy some swimming goggles and a breathing mask so you can re-enter kitchen