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Free SFRB NFL Preseason Game

****NUMBER MUST BE IN BY 9 PM Eastern****

To celebrate the late start to finally pulling pods I wanted to give away a SFRB that will include these handful of varieties; MOA, Jigsaw, Scotch Brains, Chocolate Brainstrain, and Chocolate Bubblegum.

Simple rules. Pick the total combined points scored for the 8 games played today and 3 on Sunday, that's 11 games. Give 1 number and sit back drink beer, eat some hot shit this weekend we will see who wins come Sunday night. Closest number without going over will win so I don't have to push it back for a Monday night tie breaker.

Pods will be picked monday morning and sent out as soon as I receive the winners info.

Good luck and here's a sampling of some pods pulled today.