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Frenched Rack of Pork Loin

I was going to cook two of these loin racks, but ended up with only one, https://www.smokingmeatforums.com/threads/putrid-pork.297074/#post-2078980
The Menu
Frenched Rack of Pork Loin
Baked Cheesy Mash
Mixed Veggies
Cream Cheese and Cherry Danish
Frenched Rack of Pork Loin
I love it when I see these bone-in pork loin racks at Costco.
They cook up so nice, are very tender and taste great too.
And with a little attention to detail they make a great presentation for dinner.
First off, the meat packers don't have time or inclination to properly French the rib bones.
Even using the string trick, getting a proper Frenching takes some detail work with a knife/shears.
But the smiles and nods at the table make it worthwhile.
French the bones, thoroughly clean them off and then cover with some foil.
Season as desired and truss tightly for even cooking.
Smoke at 250°-275° to an IT of 140°-142°, pull and rest, the IT should rise to 145° or a degree or two higher.
For these I seasoned with fresh minced thyme, rosemary, basil, garlic and seasoned salt.
Smoked them over a 50:50 mix of cherry/hickory.



Baked Cheesy Mash
I add generous amounts of grated Gruyere and Parmesano Reggiano to my creamy mashed potatoes.
Options are adding caramelized onions and/or chopped bacon or ham.
Place them into a casserole dish, egg wash the top and bake at 395° till piping hot and then broil to get color on the top.

Cream Cheese and Cherry Danish
Both tart and sweet cherries combined in a filling and laid atop a sheet of puff pastry.
Cream cheese is then layered atop the cherries.
The puff pastry is then closed and egg washed.
Coarse sugar can be sprinkled on the pastry before baking  if desired
Bake in a 425° oven till the pastry is golden brown.
A glaze can be added after the Danish has cooled down.

The Money Shot


Now that looks real tasty....nice job and thanks for sharing those pics.