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Fun With Passwords

How secure do you think your password is?
Passwords for anything. Bank accounts, forum passwords, email passwords?
Check them out here: https://accounts.silentcircle.com/join/
You don't need to join, just type in a fictional account name, and start trying out passwords. The little bar will show you the estimated time it takes to crack that particular set of numbers, letters, and characters using the latest gubment tech.
Pretty eye opening. My wife did the password for our online banking. It says it is crackable in an instant. Needless to say that will get a revision immediately.
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Time to crack: centuries
That was interesting.  Some that I thought were pretty secure were instant-cracks.  You would think I would know better working in IT.
I was the automation NCO at my last unit. The commander asked me to test out the password strength of his company commanders The first one took me 1 shot to get it, the second took me 3 trys and the third one took 2. The passwords, god, power and superman :) Gosh, I loved the 90's
Ran 3 of mine through that and got 46 minutes, 10 months and Centuries. 10 months I can work with as I change mine ever 3 months anyways but I'm going to replace that 46 minute one. Cool tool :cool: