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Welcome to the not so much of a glog, glog. This is really just more of peak into my garden.
This season...
Long story short, I'm still dealing with back problems, so my beginning of the season wasn't the best. I got hit hard with aphids. Couldn't pot up quick enough and lost a ton of plants/varieties that got no light/air under the bigger plants. Finally got some ladybugs and got the aphids under control.
The whole ladybug experience inside was interesting. I will just say that, but they did there job.

I never even made a grow list. That's an example of how this season was started. I just planted what I wanted to, over the course of a few nights.
The germination went into two classes... what I wanted to grow, which included the breeding projects, and what I needed for the farmers markets. And... after all was said and done, I ended up with... what I have.
Lost many varieties I planted and wanted to have in the garden for this season, but it is what it is.
Counted 400+ in ground after planting and have 200 or so in pots. Around 130 different varieties I am guessing by rough count. So after loosing a ton of plants, I still have a ton. Made for a much more manageable year than the previous, which is a good thing.
Gotta thank the wife, who started all the rest of the fruits and veggies, and helped me with all the peppers. I could'nt have pulled it off with out her. Her thumb is getting greener than ever now!

I have too many breeding projects going on. Which isn't a bad thing either. Kinda awesome to see for myself actually. Somethings I want to commit to, and grow out until stable breeds. The list of crosses keeps growing and I keep cross pollinating.

I planted 46 plants in pots of just my Reaper x bbg7 F2s (nicknamed project booglegum at this point). I wanted to see what the F2s would produce so started a bunch, which reduced to 46. Every plant is throwing out different pods, as expected, but I didn't epects all the hidden recessive genes that are being expressed. Plants that you would never expect to come from either of the parents. Will get into those at some point on here.

I am also trying to get redemption for some things from last season that never produced. Some overwintered, some starting with the same seeds, & a few have some of both.

If you have seen my previous glogs, I didn't do much different this year, with an exception with dealing with peat pellets. To speed up time, I stabbed them with a toothpick from all sides, in multiple directions, to break them up. I mean a ton of times quickly. Then rolled to break up further and then stirred with the toothpick. Doing so definitely sped things up and achieved the same goal.

My garden is still completely organic and I have finally gotten a good organic potting mix down. Plants are very happy in it. No more store bought soil!
Used more composted chicken manure this year with great results. Some plants have just grown, with the higher nitrogen levels, and are just starting to flowers, but everything is huge! Not complaining. Even burnt a few with a manure tea! That's how I roll! Gotta learn somehow!

I do not have as much time available as I would like and have not been very active on here. I need to apologize for being slack and have just started to catch up on everyone's glogs. I already see some new heads, which is a positive thing. We all need to keep that fire going!

With that said, please don't get your panties in a wod if I can't get to replying to your comments. I may only have time to update here and not respond, but just know that if you commented, I read it.Man up, and what's with the panties?!

Enough of the explaining & legal jargon, ©2015 GP, all right reserved where applicable by law, and stuff.... blah blah blahhh ® :D

OK, on to some garden shots.

My season has started out very moist. Rain olé plenty! Lots of lost lower leaves and some bact spot. More rain than we needed for sure. The last couple weeks have been drier and the plants are much happier.
Here are the hedges on the original pepper garden, which has the highest raised rows. They have been the happiest and are farther ahead than the rest of the garden. They will be over my head in no time and I will be crawling thru here on my hands and knees.

Lots of Peruvian white habs already. on the right is a Bahamian goat x jellybean white hab F2. The F1s of this cross were like hot candy. So sweet, the sweetest tasting pepper I have ever had. This F2 is like a sweeter goat. Very tasty, but not like the F1s. Each F2 plant is different, as expected, and throwing out multiple shapes and colors. Will post other shapes at some point.

These aji mango, from Judy at pepperlover, is my new favorite baccatum. There really is a slight mango taste under that baccy flavor.

The sunrises scorps are on point this season and are giving me some color already. Love these plants.

This is a PI-441598 Peach cross x PDN F1. Thought adding more purple would be a good thing to do. Starting to show some Peach!

Side note. When using a paint brush to pollinate, make sure to clean between crosses. I had one plant of the above cross grow out green. It is now throwing out pod with bbg7 calyxes. I was confused until I thought about the paint brush and me forgetting to dip in water in between. So another interesting cross with Peach possibilities. F2s should be fun.

These pods came from my original F4 bbg7 plants. These are cuttings from the OGs that are three years old now. I decided to move them outside and try and get some pods earlier. They have beat out the overwinters and fresh starts for sure. I have had a few small harvest already. Going to take cuttings again and bring back inside. I have both of the main bleeding calyx phenos seen, the reg and the thicker calyx. The thicker is the top left pod that is less ripe in this picture. I have used both phenotypes in my crosses, and will keep these for future breeding. I favor the thicker calyxed plant's pods, which are smaller. Both phenotypes are also as equally as hot or hotter than any Reaper I have grown.

Since talking about calyxes.... Here is one of the off phenotypes from my Reaper x bbg7s F2s. This is an interesting caylx.

This is a flower that belongs to one of my bbg7xpdn F1 plants. I have four purple and one green plant. All the purple plants are producing the same pods, the green got completely ate up by a hornworm and has just grown back and has it's first flowers again. Wondering if the green plant can be explained again by my unpractical paint brushing, which means its just another bbg7 F5. Time will tell. Back to the flower here... nice purple accenton the petals.

This is what the F1s are looking like. The PDN was the pollen donor, and is very dominant in these F1s, minus the bbg7 calyxes.

And my first ripe pod! Neat looking!

I gotta add, that all the seeds from this pod are going in some starter soil today, to try and have some F3 seeds for next season. Will surely finish these off inside, hoping to find the traits I want to carry forward. If not, more F2s will be grown next year.

And... Please do not ask me for seeds (expect for Jamison). These are not leaving the inner circle for a few generations, as the future phenotypes are selected.
I am not trying to be a dick, or act cool like "I got this and you don't". There is enough of that going on. I'm just doing my thing, and I encourage you to do yours, whatever that may be. The F2 seeds are going to be unstable and all over the place anyway.
I also encourage everyone to make a cross and grow out as many F2 and on plants as possible. This is an amazing experience that everyone should see for themselves.
Great color and shape on your jays peach! They look pretty evil! I also love the flavor of the Trinidad Scotch Bonnet Brown. I'm making some chili this week and I think I'm gonna use the Brown Bonnets. I also wanted to thank you for the encouragement on crossing. It took me a couple dozen times, but I finally got one to take. Woohoo!
Bhuter said:
Great color and shape on your jays peach! They look pretty evil! I also love the flavor of the Trinidad Scotch Bonnet Brown. I'm making some chili this week and I think I'm gonna use the Brown Bonnets. I also wanted to thank you for the encouragement on crossing. It took me a couple dozen times, but I finally got one to take. Woohoo!
Awesome! What did you cross?
GA Growhead said:
That should unleash a few beast! That is a killer cross!
Thank you very much! It's gonna be hard waiting a year to see what comes out. I look forward to seeing more of your creations!
A few picts...

Naga x brown 7, but not sure of the generation. Same color of last years plants though

The two shades of this year's brown 7s.

Brains. Red and choc rsmc

The chocolate brain was a destroyer. Has a good bit of oil.

7 pot barrackpore red x jay's red ghost scorp F1

It was pretty wet inside too.
OCD Chilehead said:
Great looking pods. You always have cool crosses.

Thanks for sharing.

Thanks Chuck!

Stuffing scotch bonnet.


Tobago treasure are on point too.

Some baccys

Bumpy brown and a off pheno of a Pimenta Lisa, that makes white pods.

Back at it again...
Using scissors to emasculate.

Donor pollen collected on black spoon.

Emasculated flower dripped in spoon.

Protector of the garden
jedisushi06 said:
Love the red RSMC brain crazy you got a red pheno
The newer pods on the red one are a good bit larger.

romy6 said:
Man as if pepper aren't promiscuous enough we have you the pimp daddy :rofl: LOL

Those pod shots are sweet man love it !!!
Thank you on the shots.
And my pimping payed off even.
Set, set, and set.

Craiggger said:
amazing photos, im jelly
Thanks Craig! Don't be jelly! You might end up on toast!

Devv said:
Very nice Jason,

I love the pics!
Thanks Scott. Glad to see you out and about! ;)

standbyandfire said:
Nice grow GA! Keep up the good work man.
Thanks Steven. You know how we do in the Gee Aye!

A few picts...

A bumby brown, which is a unknown douglah cross (maybe) that is on it's third year.

All I could think was bacon when I cut this one open.

A few BOCs.

I am really digging these off phenotype Pimenta Lisa's from Meatfeak. It doesn't have purple foliage like the true pheno, but makes these nice white pods.

Some choc bhutlah PLs that looked they crossed with a CARDI scorp.

Yellow primos are more blocky than primo. As long as they are yellow, I will be good.

TFM x yellow pixie F1

Was super happy to find another Jalabanero purple cross, from meatfreak, that has the hidden tiger trait. Purple lined placenta!

Only one has reproduced this trait from last season.

I lost my orange tepins last year. Overwintered some tepins that never took off, and turns out I found the orange ones.