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Gardening with Zippy

Home base. Will post community garden photos soon.
Terrible year for carrots and peppers. Good year for potatoes and squash. First year trialing a sweet potato at 50 degrees latitude. Good year for grapes. Okay year for plums and sour cherries. 
So umm, I'm using up the file buffer for uploading pics, how does one clear it for more photos? 


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My other community garden. Potatoes doing well this year. Corn is struggling. Tomatoes are bushy this year. Winter squash hidden behind corn and summer squash off to the right. Root vegetables behind potatoes.


Question, do tomato hornworms come in yellow? I'm wondering if I found this one at a pupate stage. When it wants to it can stretch out to five inches and run surprisingly fast.



Hopefull next year the weather will be better.
Frost came the same time blossoms happened this year, so no grapes, no plums etc..
10c right now, nights have not been warm for most of the year up here.
The nights haven't been much better here either. The cold weather stunted all my hotter peppers or yellowed the flower buds off. The goofy part is I have a reaper that is doing better than almost everything else. Don't get me wrong the cold nights are yellowing the leaves but I'd say I have about 50% of the mature pod size so far. That is far better than I ever imagined a plant like that could do. Surprise plants that muscled through the cold weather this year are a new paprika pepper and oddly enough a mustard scorpion. I also had a hungarian do some hybridizing with a cherry bomb. The phenos this one plant has are all over the place. It looks like a frankenstein plant. Will post pictures of this odd ball in a couple of days. 
After a hard week I was able to clear out my gardens. However the house is a little tight right now and demanding I process a lot of stuff. But at least it is out of the white stuff... I am officially closing out the 2019 season.