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Gardening with Zippy

New light will allow me to spread out the plants more. I focused on vegetative light with T5s rather than higher powered LEDs. I had my eye on the Spiderfarmer brand but it just didn't give me enough real estate. I needed something more compact and basically bought it for the frame and trays. I have to admit 2 T5s LEDs are brighter than 4 T12 fluorescents which will get hard to come by after 2020 phase out. 
Garden 2020 update. Stuff is sorta growing, Tomatoes all have leaf curl this year in both gardens. Not sure what is going on. Potatoes doing well this year. Started super dry but received some rain. Still below average but enough to start greening the grass. Thankfully the hail in Alberta crapped out by the time it got into SK. I've been lucky. 



In my case, tomato leaf curl is caused by high temperature (more than 30°C, daily). It can, however, also be caused by a virus. There are quite some videos on youtube about tomato leaf curl that you can use to compare with your plants.
Normally I don't focus on flower blooms like the rest of my family but this year was a good year for that. I've endured a three year drought with well below average precip. But the rains came at the right time this year for the flowers. 









Very nice!
I got no Butternut squashes this year from three plants, Im lucky I got two pumpkins from my Five plants, Zucchini was good surprise since bad results in the past years.
Something you said previously about wishing your male Prunus would produce fruit.. Couldn't you graft a few male branches onto the females? I'm just now getting into stone fruit, and being pretty selective considering all the Black Knot around here, but I know this is becoming a common practice with other dioecious woody plants. 
 I've done grafting before and the spring windstorms broke the joint. So what I've done is plant the wild species which produces lots of pollen to pollinate the Japanese species in the front yard. What I need to do is start with a small sampling and graft the main trunk. The young plants sway in the breeze better and by the time they are three or four years old that is typically when the plants are bought. The plum I bought expired with our hot hot weather. So I might try to create my own as I have sucker shoots in back yard. Our spring typically involves windspeeds over 100kph for much of June. So growing trees that are crack prone explains why there are only grasses native to where I am. Good question!