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GIP 2016 grow

Well i guess i should finally get around to doing a Glog this year.
where to start...
I guess we will start with my Grow list for this years Peppers 
in mostly no order ;
Amish Bush,
Aribibi Gusano,
Bishops Crown,
Bolsa De Dulce,
Bradleys Bahamian,
Chocolate Bhutlah (Italian),
Grenada Seasoning,
Habanero Galapogense-Isabella Island,
Naga Morich (Orange),
Pipi de mono,
Primo (Yellow),
Queen Laurie,
Trinidad Perfume,
Yellow Hand Grenade,
Aji Arnaucho,
Aji Dulce # 1,
Aji fantasy (white),
Aji Fantasy *(yellow)
Aji Limo,

Aji Mango,

Aji Margaretino, 
Aji Melocoton,
Aji Omnicolor,

Aji Auchapan (probably misspelled),
Aji Jobito,

Black Fatalii,
Billy Boy Douglah (yellow),
Peach bhut SS,
7 pot Peach,
Bubblegum 7 (Chocolate),
Bubblegum 7 (Large),
Bubblegum 7 (Orange),
Bubblegum 7 (Yellow),
JRGS X BBG7 (elongated),
Tepin x Lemon Drop, 
Bleeding Borg 9,
Genghis Khan's Brain (Trinidad Scorpion x native Trinidad & Tobago Pepper F6),
Pimenta Reaper cross,
BBG7 x Jobito, 
FruteGum (Cabai Burung Ungu x Bubblegum 7)
Fruxim (Frutescens x Eximium)

Pimenta Puma, 
Purple Haze, 
Orange TigerGum mamp, 
PdN x Bhut (RED),
PdN x Bhut (Peach/Cream),
Neyde X Ghost (orange), 
Chocolate NagaBrain


Blushing Dutchman(CGN21500x7Pot barrackapore),
Big Red Mojo,
Trinidad Perfume x Trinidad Seasoning (F2)

Trinidad Congo (red),
Giant Red Rocoto,
Rocoto Ecuadorian Sweet,
Rocoto Tropical Orange,
Rocoto Peru Bitdumi,
Rocoto Peruvian Red (Arequipa),
Rocoto Pineapple,
Rocoto Red (Hogleg),
Rocoto San Isidro,
Rocoto Yellow (early),
Rocoto P360,
Long yellow Pubescens (Yellow-Sausage-Pube), 
Manzano Yellow,
Trinidad small cherry,
Wild Brazil,
Chocolate BrainStrain, 
Tomato pepper, 
Stuffing Scotch bonnet,
Jalapeno (yellow),
Cayenne (yellow),
Red Sweet Foot Long,
Calabreze Mazetti,
Sugar Rush Cream
NOT Mako Kokoo (Small Fruity Yellow Hot Minion?)
Black Pearl, 
Chinese 5 color, 
Bellingrath Gardens, 
Filius blue,

well i'm certain there are several more missing from that list...
(I will update this 1st post as i remember which plants are not on this list) :)
now onto some Pictures. (that's what your really here for right :P )

Started seeds in GH Rapid Rooter plugs (work great for cuttings and good for seeds too)

3.17.16 sprouts

3.21.16 sprouts

Seedlings at approximately 3.5 weeks after sowing

(This tray was started mid Janurary i cant find original pics, but they almost died twice when i had to leave them in the care of my Mother In-law for 11 days, then 7 days) these pictures taken on 3.30.16 after reviving some back to health 
onto potting up...

start with these fine ingredients here 
Really nice pics, GIP.
Those pubes look fine!  How 'bout saving me some seed from a couple of your favorites?
well once again i neglected my glog :mope:
i will try to get pics more frequently during the peak of the season, as well as more reviews of the pods new to me by themselves next year.
(I don't feel it is fair to do a review when i just try a piece of the pod, or when i choose to include new peppers in a meal.
 I like to try it fresh and whole, as well as dried before i decide what to do with them
I almost always enjoy them more with food, but that's not exactly a great way to test a new pod.)
here is a pic of my last Large harvest (nearly two plastic grocery bags full )

not HUGE, like some of you growers with a better climate and a longer season, but a few like this every couple weeks from August - Present
is more than enough currently for my pepper powder and sauce making needs (if only i could decide on which ones to grow MORE of :D )
thanks for stopping by to look at my most recent, and last large harvest of the year.
I will try to update much more frequently, and with more fresh pod reviews next season.
might get a couple late reviews in this winter from the pubescens .
that JRGS x BBG7 looks wicked... very mean and kool looking
god i cant wait till the season starts...i cant get through a page of your pics without stopping and staring in awe of the orangegum tiger mamp and the pdnxbhut peach... im gonna have to put them at the end of the line in my garden to make sure i dont get caught up just sitting and staring,, they are unreal... looks like candy... reminds me of the berry cream swirl candies...i cant wait to grow all the stuff you sent... not just awesome peppers but pure eye candy too... thanks so much...