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GIP 2016 grow

Well i guess i should finally get around to doing a Glog this year.
where to start...
I guess we will start with my Grow list for this years Peppers 
in mostly no order ;
Amish Bush,
Aribibi Gusano,
Bishops Crown,
Bolsa De Dulce,
Bradleys Bahamian,
Chocolate Bhutlah (Italian),
Grenada Seasoning,
Habanero Galapogense-Isabella Island,
Naga Morich (Orange),
Pipi de mono,
Primo (Yellow),
Queen Laurie,
Trinidad Perfume,
Yellow Hand Grenade,
Aji Arnaucho,
Aji Dulce # 1,
Aji fantasy (white),
Aji Fantasy *(yellow)
Aji Limo,

Aji Mango,

Aji Margaretino, 
Aji Melocoton,
Aji Omnicolor,

Aji Auchapan (probably misspelled),
Aji Jobito,

Black Fatalii,
Billy Boy Douglah (yellow),
Peach bhut SS,
7 pot Peach,
Bubblegum 7 (Chocolate),
Bubblegum 7 (Large),
Bubblegum 7 (Orange),
Bubblegum 7 (Yellow),
JRGS X BBG7 (elongated),
Tepin x Lemon Drop, 
Bleeding Borg 9,
Genghis Khan's Brain (Trinidad Scorpion x native Trinidad & Tobago Pepper F6),
Pimenta Reaper cross,
BBG7 x Jobito, 
FruteGum (Cabai Burung Ungu x Bubblegum 7)
Fruxim (Frutescens x Eximium)

Pimenta Puma, 
Purple Haze, 
Orange TigerGum mamp, 
PdN x Bhut (RED),
PdN x Bhut (Peach/Cream),
Neyde X Ghost (orange), 
Chocolate NagaBrain


Blushing Dutchman(CGN21500x7Pot barrackapore),
Big Red Mojo,
Trinidad Perfume x Trinidad Seasoning (F2)

Trinidad Congo (red),
Giant Red Rocoto,
Rocoto Ecuadorian Sweet,
Rocoto Tropical Orange,
Rocoto Peru Bitdumi,
Rocoto Peruvian Red (Arequipa),
Rocoto Pineapple,
Rocoto Red (Hogleg),
Rocoto San Isidro,
Rocoto Yellow (early),
Rocoto P360,
Long yellow Pubescens (Yellow-Sausage-Pube), 
Manzano Yellow,
Trinidad small cherry,
Wild Brazil,
Chocolate BrainStrain, 
Tomato pepper, 
Stuffing Scotch bonnet,
Jalapeno (yellow),
Cayenne (yellow),
Red Sweet Foot Long,
Calabreze Mazetti,
Sugar Rush Cream
NOT Mako Kokoo (Small Fruity Yellow Hot Minion?)
Black Pearl, 
Chinese 5 color, 
Bellingrath Gardens, 
Filius blue,

well i'm certain there are several more missing from that list...
(I will update this 1st post as i remember which plants are not on this list) :)
now onto some Pictures. (that's what your really here for right :P )

Started seeds in GH Rapid Rooter plugs (work great for cuttings and good for seeds too)

3.17.16 sprouts

3.21.16 sprouts

Seedlings at approximately 3.5 weeks after sowing

(This tray was started mid Janurary i cant find original pics, but they almost died twice when i had to leave them in the care of my Mother In-law for 11 days, then 7 days) these pictures taken on 3.30.16 after reviving some back to health 
onto potting up...

start with these fine ingredients here 
tctenten said:
Real Nice GIP.  Are those 10 or 15 gallons?  I use similar and my back barks at me when I am done filling them.  What are the racks for under the root pouches?
3 gallon, 5 gallon, and 7 gallon
the racks were there to hold the rows down (it was windy) also last year they helped with buckets and pots not sinking in and sealing to the poly (was just a preventative drainage measure not necessary with the fabric pouch's )
thanks for stopping by to take a look
az1000 said:
Nice work GIP!
Why are you keep cherry trees in pots?
multiple reasons;
They are dwarf and semi-dwarf pie cherries and keeping them in pots will keep them even smaller and more manageable.
I am very indecisive when it comes to where to put something, i like the ability to move stuff around
We have lousy very compact clay and rocks here, and the ground would need to be amended a lot before i would feel comfortable planting them in-ground here
Somewhere deep in the back of my mind there is still hope for relocating (like the wife will ever actually move further away from her parents :rolleyes: )
mostly because the Soil here is terrible, and there is still a chance that there permanent home may be at her parents house, or elsewhere 
thanks for stopping by and looking :)
brief update:
some of the plants are out soaking up some sun :dance:

some were getting kinda tall so i staked them to minimize wind damage 

same lot, different angle
(that cheap red sled you see in the background is what i have been using to drag groups of plants in and out of the garage where they are under HPS light, it helps save the back a little :lol: )

flower close up
 (picked this one up from the local nursery it's called sweet-heat (stupid impulse buy :banghead: like i needed another plant :lol: )
Short update:
well, weather here has been terrible, rain then partly sunny then few more days of rain, then 1 day partly sunny, etc.
it has made it tough to acclimate my plants, but i have got most all of them out doors now

the Overwintered plants are looking like a jungle and starting to produce pods again


White Bhut pods

Long yellow Pubescens 
Here's the DWC and cheater tank plants
(note there are also Pumpkin, and pineapple sage at the bottom of pic, they are not in DWC, they are just under the HPS light)

look at them roots

so white :)

1st pod formed on plants planted this year goes to Tomato-pepper
that's it for now, but expect more updates as soon as the weather allows for more transplanting
thanks for looking :)
:cheers: GIP
Guatemalan Insanity Pepper said:
yes the giant rocoto, and Costa Rica rocoto i think, and kpakpo shito all doing well
i will have more pictures of the plants individually as they get their final transplant, then again of flowers, and pods 
just getting a late start this year
thanks again for the seed trade :)
Very nice.
The plants from your seeds are growing nice.
Rocoto yellow early is really early,at 2 months old is ready to flower.
The seeds trade was great.
I have pods from a lot of Pubes now ,maybe we can trade again some seeds.
got some more transplanting done today :

this strip is almost full

some of the overwinter peppers outside and enjoying the Sun

dwarf pie Cherry

younger dwarf pie Cherry

newly transplanted peppers chillin on the shadiest side of the house 

CGN21500 x 7 pot (blushing Dutchman?)
I received seeds for this in a trade

Calabrese Mazetti

Yellow Cayenne
(I didn't even see these pods until today, i think this 1 might have actually been first to pod this year even though it got planted with 2nd round of seeds)

Yellow Jalapeno

Purple Haze (received this as a gift, I think it's a purple flowered, purple pod Cayenne type)

Pimenta Reaper Cross (seeds for this cross from FordsFieryFoods)
and this is what i still have left to transplant :banghead:

thanks for looking :)
many more pics to come, stay tuned