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Glad To Be Back

Hi all again. So I just thought I would throw this up here. I am back this year. I have been growing the past years still, but have just been busy and not spending much time online hence my absence, as well as getting back into some old hobbies. Anyways, last year was a so-so year fro harvest, but I was trying out new types of peppers as the wife does not like hot stuff so I did grow mostly nice peppers for her, and a couple of plants of my own. Then that Covid thing struck. Well, to be honest I lost most of my ambition then as all things were going on. So this brings me back to the present time. Well, to my very dismay, I did start about a month later than usual as my head was not in it 100% still. But I did start, and I had to scale back quite a bit now as my old garden is now a woodshed and raspberries leaving me with only my pepper box, a 2' x 18' raised bed. But I think that the worst has happened to me. Most of my seeds have not germinated this year, and I am thinking it is due to them being approximately 4 years old from my last 'big' harvest and seed saving. So I am hoping to at least get some fresh seeds from whatever plants I can get up this year. Anyways, I am back and will be here more often I am hoping. Thanks.


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Hey, obchili, I know it’s too late for this season, but I would be happy to share any seeds I have with you for next time. If you see anything in any of my grow logs you might like to try, just hit me up.