event GOT AN IDEA. !!!!

Sometimes the grey matter operates despite the beer haze! I like beer and thusly I like anything that brings beer to me.

I was just thinking....maybe this thing with Bubba is just a ruse and we will find him, on cook-off day, at home in his undies surrounded by tens of open bottles of hot sauce, in a adrenalyn rush high heretofore unknown to mankind. We are watching you pal! :)
i have never done well with the "money raised" part so if we do a ticket for a buck idea insted of the silent auction thing ill put all my money in with yours so you can try and beat out dan.insert evil laugh. you know someting i just remembered camp carefree had the silent auction and the state had the raffle tickets......so we can donate to the raffle do a ticket sale at our booth or do a silent auction at our booth.....your call dude.
i got another idea with the buckets im gonna try and see if sagebrush has any extra buckets that they put peanuts in(that and get us some peanuts to munch on......again evil laugh)
blue's sauce came in today...love the lable on the bottle the colors just stand out.the sauce looks good from the outside.
like vic said i prommis i will not just open all of them up and go bannanas eating them...there for the chairty.....trust me folks.
I thought there was a raffle, I kknow there was one a the Durham piece as well. I plan on dumping a bunch of bucks for tickets. I never win anything at raffles, but would love the sauces!
We all here trust in you Bubba. One of the first members we met here.
Our gift crate containing six bottles of our sauces the Island,Meaner Greener, Rajun Cajun, Chipotle Steak, B.O.H.I.C.A, and Hemi in a wooden crate went out UPS ground. Hope you all can get a couple bucks for a good cause and if you all want to do this each cookoff count Kato's as a repeat donor.

that is super gracious kato.....we do like a dozen cook offs a year so i would just limit to a cpl of cook offs
well i gotta tell the vickster i got off the phone today and the cook off has over 15 restraunts entered...ive recived e mails from georgia of people comming....the world champ and her family about 3 from texas..........could you imagine we have about 50 entries for casi??? man im excited..........this is gonna be big.
You have rocked the party as the Prez!

I look forward to handing the other restaurants their collective butts. This year Chili Man is out for everything! If I looked younger, I would go after the juniors as well, although that little girl has won two years running and seems to be a tough competitior.

I have been working on my Texas style and feel like I finally have my arms around it, though my 19th place finish at Cheraw would speak otherwise ;)! But the whole of the Cheraw event was bizarre in judging, you can attest to that. (If you don't tell anyone, Bubs, John Rhynes wife said she liked mine better than his, I almost dropped a load. Seriously, don't tell anyone, she told me on the down low and said she would deny it alater if it got back)
this years state looks like around 50 casi entries....including the current world champion......should be intresting....if i pull a first place casi that day your gonna have to call a ambulance im gonna code blue(or whatever heart attack is)
we should have mailed these to vic....marcos stuff come in today and it looks soooooooooo goooood....again trust me im not gonna eat it.
thank you again its for a great cause.
i just wanted to say a quick thank you to all that sent sauce for the raffle. im like vick they look so good im gonna have to invest in some tickets.
hopefully this will be the biggest event in our pod history..ill let yall know
bubba out