greenhouse Greenhouse temperature swings

the cold has not been negative here, but on the hotter days, when i bring my plants out, the wind really beats them up.

post some photos of your 2nd year plants....
new fishing trip.....30 fish


My buddy fishes every weekend, lake is about 2 miles from Mexico. Border patrol choppers buzz you almost every trip.

Ever seen this fish? The only cichlid native to north america


Yes,never in the wild though. Could you imagine if those got 5#? The Mighty Texas Green!
They are cool fish, trying to catch a female to breed with my red devil. Here is one I bred, looking for the big head.

rennie flowers, couple of tiny pods also


zapotec, pods and flowers


thai overwinter, with thai babies, and chile burpee annuum

I am growing some chinense seedlings in an 8X12 foot greenhouse. with our temps down here in deep south Texas, the greenhouse can be over 100 degrees in the daytime, and down to about 60 at night. This is the first year I have have had access to this greenhouse and my plants are growing faster than I have ever seen. The greenhouse, seems to magnify the light, keeps out the high winds, and still allows the plant plants to cool off at night.

Is the higher temperature spreads making the plants grow faster? I realize that in the summer the plants cannot be kept in the greenhouse, it will be too hot. For now though, it is a very interesting experiment and the results are great.

I dont know if its viable (spacewise) in your greenhouse, but you need to get SOLAR MASS in there.

Fastest and easiest way to do so ... get a 55gal steeldrum (black) and leave it in the greenhouse. It will warm up during the day (thus effectively chilling the GH) and at night will give the heat back into the GH.

So you should see 90 deg (instead of 100) in the day and 70 deg (instead of 60) at night.

depending on size/volume of your GH you may need more than one drum - and you need to keep it isolated from the ground or the ground will suck out the heat in the early night (just keep 2" of styrafoam beneath it).

total investment: donno - 5-10 bucks

hope it is an alternative for your situation

They sell that fish here in pet stores as "Texas Blues". I think the real name is Rio Grande Cichlid. They have been illegally released in our waters here in Louisiana. They eat, off the nests, the eggs of our native fish. Plus, they are very aggressive toward other fish. Our DWF requires us to eat/kill every one we catch and to not return any of them back to the water. Those bad boys sure are fun to catch though. They fight much harder than a typical bluegill of equal size.

I was thinking of putting up a PVC, plastic film greenhouse to over-winter my plants in next winter. We live just south and east of New Orleans and have only a few frosts and hardly ever any freezes here. The only place I can put up the GH is against the north-facing wall of my house. There is nothing to block the north wind from blasting the side of the structure.

Was kinda hoping I wouldn't have to use a space-consuming SOLAR MASS. How cold must it get to actually hurt the pepper plants?
Oh that's cool, I was just curious. Thought maybe you were in the wrong thread. Up here in Lubbock I'm struggling just to get my plants established. Got a late start on the plant and now I've been battling this 100 degree heat everyday with wind. I'm trying some heavy shade cloth this year to see if it helps any.