greenhouse Greenhouse temps

Is anyone using a small greehouse for their pepper starts?
I am seeing afternoons temps getting up to 100-105 in the greenhouse.
I'm wondering if that is too hot??
     100 to 105F probably won't kill your plants, but it'll definitely slow them down. When temps get that high, plants try to restrict evapotranspiration by closing their stomata. The problem is, stomata need to be open to allow gas (CO2 and O2) exchange. So, it's kinda like putting a paper bag over a baby's head - it probably won't completely suffocate, but it probably won't grow properly either.
     Plus, they'll likely dry out really fast. Forget to water one afternoon, and you risk having to start all over again. Do you have any vents you could open during the hottest part of the day?
Thanks for the info.  It's portable, I can move it around to get a bit more shade.  Did some Google searching and the overall suggestions seem to say between 60-90 is ideal temp.
using the greenhouse as night temps are still between 25-35
yeah 60-90 is best. 
40-60, 90-110 plants will be sad / slow
below or higher than those death looming (my opinion not scientific fact lol)
I had a greenhouse that went way up there in temp and humidity. My suggestion would be to somehow implement an exhaust fan. If you are worried about bugs, you can put womens panty hose leggings over the openeing for the fan and this will block almost all pests.
The result of my not getting the temps and humidity down was a few burnt plants, one died, and a few plants tarted getting moldy.
I used one over winter and found even in temps in the 50's outside, inside the temps would get up into the 90's once the sun was on it. If you have vents on it I'd suggest opening them on sunny days.
Temps that high can cause lots of leave loss. I know since I've been in your situation. My polytunnel got sun from8am-4pm. And temp got that high. So ya. More shaded area where it doesn't get too much sun