Greeting fellow chili heads

I have grown a few seasons of pepper out back. I enjoy the mild chilis mostly but have recently dabbled in fermentation sauces. 2024 list of seeds to sow goes like this.

My current pet project is to work on a sauce I can call my own. Along with the hots I started 4 varieties of hardneck garlic. I'm interested to see how the flavor profile changes with fermenting between them. I like a garlic/pepper sauce. Anyways look forward to learning from you all.
Mad River Garlic out of Ohio. 1st ever order of garlic seed. I built a couple of raised beds and planted last month.
1x Metechi Garlic - 1/4 pound
1x Persian Star Garlic - 1/4 pound
1x Bogatyr - 1/4 pound
1x Spanish Roja Garlic - 1/2 pound