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contest Growdown Throwdown 2017 Aji Lemon Drop!


Woot! Was in the PO Box this AM; thanks buddy!
Tasted the Sri Lanka. Uh, that little gal has a kick! Caught me completely off guard ;)


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Pepper-Guru said:
Nope. It would just be weird. Besides, I destroyed you guys so bad that I'm now being investigated for Russian collusion. Better luck this year Jeremy!  ;)
Let me know when you get your care package. 
In Montana, but wife said your package arrived on Friday! Cant wait to check it out!!


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violentglitter said:
Those labels look awesome. So does the sauce!
Thanks! Still trying to figure out the label printing bit, but I'll get there. For my first prototype labels, I always wanted see through, to really put the sauce on display. I'm sure there will be plenty of versions and revisions. 
sobelri said:
Package made it today.  Thanks Guru. 
My excitement quickly dwindled when I realized the box contained more lemon drop and brain strain peppers than I was able to grow for each throwdown. 
ColdSmoke said:
Rich's package blew me away! I took some pictures while I was processing them.

What are the yellow and orange ones?




Also hit me up with his Aji Lemon Drop sauce and jelly along with some other jellies and sauce.

Thanks Rich!
The orange ones are whats listed as "Chile Aji" from my Costa Rica trip .Picked them up in La Fortuna, Costa Rica near Arenal Volcano. To me, they are Aji Amarillo. 
The yellow ones there are actually yellow variant of Malaysian Goronong. Generally red, but apparently I was lucky enough to get a bit of a hybrid out of one from the member that sent them. 
I hope yall like the Aji Lemon Drop sauce. It isn't my favorite pepper but, I'll take home made sauce from a pepper I don't like over store bought any day.