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contest Growdown Throwdown 2019 Sri Lanka - Chilli Red!

I've accumulated two weight-ins.
I made another small harvest a week and a half ago before I left town for a week.

When I got home, I had another small batch ready for harvest.

This brings my total to:  66g previous YTD + 57g + 24g = 147 grams.
I have to disappoint PepperGuru.  My Aribibi Gusano-like pheno is rippening to red (instead of a hoped-for white pheno).
I was going to taste test it, but a pepper boring bug beat me to it.  :/
DontPanic said:
I was going to taste test it, but a pepper boring bug beat me to it.  :/
Ha, I'd be tasting that top half and pepper bug be damned!
Wish I had more to contribute, but my default competition plant has been relocated multiple times and as much as it's trying, it's fighting an uphill battle ATM. Looks like it will be producing soon though.  Below is the guy I thought would be my GDTD plant at first.  It's a lot happy from it's early treatment as the favored son.
20190801 SLR-X.jpg
Pepper-Guru said:
Damn! Ok! looks like I have a lot of work ahead of me to catch up!
Anyone else know what their tally is?
My embarrassing total so far is 39 grams. My plant
has finally grown about two inches in the past three
weeks. I will pull the pods tomorrow and weigh in and
post a pic.

I doubt I am over 100 grams

Walchit said:
Idk if my ph is messed up, or if one of the neighbors sprayed something. But maybe I will have better luck next year
I didnt really like this post, Andy.

Sorry to hear that your grow has gone
sideways. Are there any bright spots?
Not really, some of the in-ground plants are looking alright, but all my best plants are looking rough, they are still putting flowers out, but there isnt any foliage up towards the top so I imagine if they set pods they will be sunburnt lol. Ive pretty much given up for this year