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contest Growdown Throwdown 2019 Sri Lanka - Chilli Red!

Another weekend, another pull...

137g + 109g = 246g until now. With the cold autumn weather pulling in, I'm not counting on more pods setting, so hopefully the existing ones will still ripen in time...

What are people using them for? I started dehydrating, which really brings out the sweet in them - combined with the good heat level, they're delicious!

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EMN1-SS said:

846g+34g=880g. May be my last pull of the year if Dorian is really hitting Charleston as bad as they say. Had to evac yesterday, hopefully my plants make it! Stay safe out there to everyone else in the path of this thing!

Hopefully it skips you, but I wouldn't risk it. Good luck to you. Be safe. Grow new plants next year
5+6+19+26=56.  Won't be a world-beater, but I'm starting to get some better pods now.  I'm still picking them right when they start to change, but I think the plant's recovered from the multiple transplants as the pods aren't drying out early like they were before - and the plant looks happier, despite still being stunted. Given some other peoples' experiences plus my own I wonder if this variety might be a bit more touchy about its roots than others. Anyhow, it's doing better now that it's had time to sink in again.
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Aaaaaalright ladies and gentleman,
I think I gave y'all enough of a head start now!
Prepare for trouble...

I got like 5, in letters f-i-v-e, pods growing here -yes you read that right, a full hand full- so this should get me almost 15g.
Bet that blows you small-time-wannabe-chili-farmers right out the water, amiright? Am I?
And they will have at least 2 more weeks of sunny weather to ripen. I guess this contest is over.
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Okay enough trash talking. I'm glad something is setting after all  :mope:
I think it was actually too hot, we had a bit of a heat wave here, but I think the balcony gets a lot warmer than I thought (easily 5 °C more than the weather app says, so probably at or above 40 °C for quite a few days this summer.
I'll try shading them with gardening mesh next year. Learn something new every season  :rolleyes: