Growdown Throwdown 2021 XL Antep Aci Cross

Everyone knows the rules by now...
Lets vote on this thing and get it moving since we are already behind a few days. 
As per the customary flex, I want all my Growdown King crowning gifts to be given to the runner up in second place for 2020. Who was 2nd?
Make sure they get some goodies! 
As for this year here are the candidates that I can provide ISOLATED seed for: 
Binquinho Pink - C chinense dominant 

CAP 455 C baccatum dominant

Mini Olive Rocoto C pubescens dominant

Antep Aci Cross C annum dominant

Nosi Komba C frutescens dominant

We are certainly behind a few days, so lets get this vote in and decided on rather quickly. 
Do NOT vote if you're not going to compete. 
I'll do SASBE for these this year. So your germination date will depend on how quickly you get that to me. Whatever we decide, seeds are READY TO GO. 
Let's Get It! May the best grower win! 


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5th pod (at 59.3 g) to keep the agony alive!!
New total: 445.4 g


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6th pod weighing 43.7g
New total: 489.1g

First frost and colder temps in sight, this crappy season is about to end...!


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Frost on the menu for the next few days here = the end of my 2021 outdoor growing season.

The 4 remaining and unripe pods add 247.3g to my total, for a global yield of 736.4g. Now come on pepper freaks it's time to put some pods on that scale!! Rock on🤘


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Fifth weigh in is 1,553 grams.

So thats, 48+419+553+1,014+1553=3,587 grams to date

Been wanting to show you guys a full plant shot, but have refrained. I have been filming every harvest though and plan to put together a funny little video for the youtube channel.

Still “King Of The Hill”! 👍🏻
No need to wait on me this year, I just pulled up my plant today after it lost it’s leaves again!