Growing in the Pacific NorthWest Community GrowLog

There have been several yearly PNW grow logs, the last in 2017,
so @FGpepperguy and I thought it might be a good idea to start
an on-going glog for the PNW. This is a community glog, so anyone
is free to post here, whether in the PNW or not. Hopefully, this forum
thread will provide for some information sharing particular to growing
in our crazy, unpredictable weather.

So, that being said, welcome all. Don't be strangers!

"Yes, we can grow chili peppers in the
Pacific NorthWest! Usually."
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Raised the lights up 3 inches (7.5cm), and cut the lights
by one hour. May cut the light back in steps over the
next month or so. Been herding aphids, but under control
so far. Plants showing nice fresh growth. Put four of the
3-gallon OWs on the floor to make room on the table.