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Growing in the Pacific NorthWest Community GrowLog

There have been several yearly PNW grow logs, the last in 2017,
so @FGpepperguy and I thought it might be a good idea to start
an on-going glog for the PNW. This is a community glog, so anyone
is free to post here, whether in the PNW or not. Hopefully, this forum
thread will provide for some information sharing particular to growing
in our crazy, unpredictable weather.

So, that being said, welcome all. Don't be strangers!

"Yes, we can grow chili peppers in the
Pacific NorthWest! Usually."
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So 2 week update. Some plants, Lava, Dragons, Ghost and small reapers really growing fast and starting to flower finally. Big reapers have really greened up and lots of new leaves, only had about 80 leaves per plant when I got them and they were somewhat yellow. Now for first time since I got them in April the leaves are finally getting larger, not just the 1 x 1/2 " leaves I had before. The pods are very small 3/8-1/2" on average. Turns out my Scotch Bons are orange not the red ones like on the package, so left a few on too long. Cayennes are growing huge, jalapenos pretty whimpy but they were late planted. Have switched to bottom watering the pots and seems to be helping a lot. Also using 50% shade when I get home at 2:30 whenever it gets over 85* and remove about 7pm each eve.

So now have a question for the more experienced here:
When reapers #1 and #2 stop greening should my pods start getting bigger and more gnarly looking? Small ones are somewhat smooth but still painfully hot.

3rd harvest of reapers and 2nd harvest of Scotch Bons, last bons had 14 only 10 this time with a few partially orange still on plant.


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The over wintered coyote tooth is doing its thing. I really like this pepper for taste and the volume of small peppers it cranks out.
The picture does not do it justice. There are over 100 peppers on this small plant. It has another month or 2 to continue!
Great included in salsa and sauces. It was my favorite last year!


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Great looking plant - really loaded!


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Some great growth and pods on the Peach Bullet CGN 22184 from the seed train. I'm guessing they will be getting some color soon.
I have been misting and adding water several times a day with this 100+ heat wave. It can end any time!


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During the heatwave 100+ for the last week, I have been leaving the shade sheets up since last Sunday until yesterday. Trying to keep everything alive and misting in the evening as sun sets. Today shows results bigtime with reapers, still greening with more growth and over a 100 flowers, pods are triple the size of previous pods and more than 20 on 1 plant, largest is about 2" long. Also had some weird seed results in the last 3 weeks. Apparently not all seeds are as marked, jalapenos turned out to be cayennes, serranoes turned out to be yellow banana peppers arggggg and then a "habanero" turned out to be the unknown plant in the pics. Anyone have a clue what it is??


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Well, most likely it's a chinense, and could very well be a hab. Give it a little more time to mature, then see what you have.
It's a weird one, more round than an apple and almost 2" across, the rest are shaped the same and 1-1/2" or a tad more. Since it's the only one that germed from the lot not sure what to think, but it is strange that 3 of 4 seed packs were marked wrong. Big box hardware store purchase btw figured mainstream seeds would not be a problem L0L


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These pix taken during the first week of November.
Most berries harvested shortly thereafter. Still some
to pick, weather permitting. All but two plants are
overwinters from the 2021 and 2022 seasons.

Pequin Rojo, Chihuahua, 2021.

Volunter Pequin Rojo, Chihuahua, 2022.

Chiltepín Rojo, 2019.

Chiltepín Rojo, ‘Uvalde’, first year plant.

Cumari wild, 2021.

Dwarf Chiltepín, 2022.

Chiltepin Rojo, ‘Seguin’, 2022.
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