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Growing some tasty stuff


I really miss having these colorful babies in my kitchen. That, together with a very persistent gardening itch that has been bothering me since early December, made me give in.

Here's to my first Glog and starting seeds just a tad bit early. 🥳

My set up is not as neat or organized as what I've been seeing here, as I've collected quite some different shaped seed trays over the years and have plenty of mismatching pots to go with that. 😀 Everything is set up for this growing season in the garage windowsill, making the garage my current happy place now that it's out.

Experience has thought me it's best if I start closer to the end of January, beginning of February, but hey, there's no fun in doing everything by the book, right? I've organized my seeds, reorganized them again and now there's nothing left to do.


So I've started the germination of a few seeds (one of each kind, I'm trying to restrain myself...) with the help of the Deno method and I planted a few in soil. Put them on a heating mat to make sure they're comfortable.

Deno method, to see if these seeds are still viable: Brandleka, Turkish kill - unknown variety, Corbaci and a Mistery pepper. As well as some Cocona fruit and Leonotis leonurus.

In soil:

Now what do I do with the coming days? ☺️
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My first-born (Shishito) is doing splendidly!


And I have some more popping up. Fish pepper, Aji charapita, Mini Rocoto orange, Mango stumpy, Fragrant bellini and the Sugar rush stripey are showing. They are growing a bit to fast with the high sprouting temps and the 'lousy' grow light. I need to turn down the temp just a bit I think and then I'll move them from the attic to the garage with the others (and the better grow light) this weekend.

Some of my Deno method seeds seem to be moving as well, but I'll leave them for tomorrow. To tired from the trip and they're not my most anticipated peppers.

Nothing yet from the Aji amarillo, Peachadew or the Santa fe grande. The seeds might be to old. I'll give those a few more days before I give up oh them.

My freshly planted seeds in the garage are up already. Way sooner than I expected. I thought they would not have emerged yet, so I did not put any grow lights on while I was away for the past few days. It's a leggy blood bath I can tell you. I better start them over again, these are beyond repair.
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I prefer hots for powders, but still have plenty of that stocked up. For fermenting and eating the peppers raw, I prefer the not so hot peppers.

Although I must admit, my grow list keeps changing by the day. :)
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