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Growing some tasty stuff


I really miss having these colorful babies in my kitchen. That, together with a very persistent gardening itch that has been bothering me since early December, made me give in.

Here's to my first Glog and starting seeds just a tad bit early. πŸ₯³

My set up is not as neat or organized as what I've been seeing here, as I've collected quite some different shaped seed trays over the years and have plenty of mismatching pots to go with that. πŸ˜€ Everything is set up for this growing season in the garage windowsill, making the garage my current happy place now that it's out.

Experience has thought me it's best if I start closer to the end of January, beginning of February, but hey, there's no fun in doing everything by the book, right? I've organized my seeds, reorganized them again and now there's nothing left to do.


So I've started the germination of a few seeds (one of each kind, I'm trying to restrain myself...) with the help of the Deno method and I planted a few in soil. Put them on a heating mat to make sure they're comfortable.

Deno method, to see if these seeds are still viable: Brandleka, Turkish kill - unknown variety, Corbaci and a Mistery pepper. As well as some Cocona fruit and Leonotis leonurus.

In soil:

Now what do I do with the coming days? ☺️
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Guess who's browsing second hand grow tents on the local, Dutch Craigslist?
Huzzah! Just checked on le bon coin, French equivalent of Craigslist and I've found the perfect thing for 100 euros which includes everything, ready to rock and roll - just need to persuade Mr Tinks that this is the dogs bollocks and, theoretically, find somewhere to put it.
Almost all my peppers are growing and doing their thing. The only ones that aren't doing anything are my lazy CAP 1487, Pepperoni frigitelli, Ancho poblano, Dulce luna, Aribibi gusano and the Apricot apple.

I'm a bit bummed about missing out on the Ancho poblano this year. As for the rest, I'll manage. I'm a big girl, I can handle disappointment. No, really, I can. (I'm off crying softly in a corner now.)
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They tend to need a long time to mature, I'm not sure if the season would suffice. I was looking forward to roasting them, true.

Still, I'm not sowing them again (this year), I have loads of other pepper varieties left, so I should be good. (It might be a space problem too, I need to tweak the border I share with my allotment neighbour.)
Amazing how we dismiss the slow ones then all of a sudden - BOOM - there they are.
I've got a couple that are being stubborn about showing their heads, I'll give them another few days to a week.

But even now, after this one decided to show after almost a month, I'm still doubting the CAP that's still not showing. I need more gardening faith.
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People, help me out here please. I'm a bit doubtful how to arrange the interior of my grow tent.

My plants are of different hight. My led growlights are clipped to the frame of the grow tent. This means I can't lower these lights and I need to elevate the plants according to how big they are. Which leads to quite the aesthetic... πŸ˜…


I'm working with styrofoam, old floor boards, plastic containers, a sturdy cardboard box and glass containers to create different levels in the tent.


For one, it's horrible for watering from below as they are all on their own little pedestal. A few I've been uninte tionally overwatering by giving them water from above.

How do the more organized people do this? Why does it need to be so difficult? It feels like tetris.

My attic nursery babies are gleamingly happy otherwise. As is their proud plant mama.


Bonus picture of my fish pepper, strutting its variegated baby leaves. πŸ’ƒ



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