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I’m telling my age I guess, but I grew up in a world of very broadly “categorized” music types. Just a few back then - compared to tags or definitions of today. I’ve since seen many manifestations now that offer a myriad of labels or “genres.” A great deal has changed in the musical scene since my early years and I have enjoyed much from the now narrowly defined labels. I won’t begin to attempt to name them… way too many.  But, I think all have merit to the listener.
As a recent subscriber to an online music service, I discovered that the algorithm of my listening preferences suggested that I am a fan of “Hair Metal.” Not a term I knew when I first enjoyed the stuff, but the current label now attached to it.  I guess I am a diehard fan of “Hair Metal” as it was my “thing” during the “coming of age” and “experimental” years.
Perhaps I am the only such fan on THP.  Be that as it may, I do hereby christen the “Hair Metal” thread.   :metal:  :cheers:
All contributions are welcomed.
I do enjoy hair metal.  Especially when I've tipped a few too many back.  Looking at it thru a nostalgic lens, even find myself enjoying things now that I did not back then...
Haha imagine the Winger song "Seventeen" coming out today.  The asshurt harnessed today from some could power the planet for generations...  
God, simpler times man.  
Ha ha! Loving it! Thanks for the responses all  :cheers:   PtMD989, got the channel dialed in - thanks! As an "old school dude" I'm still not sure absolutely which bands now qualify for the label, but I will toss in a few more from the same period that consistently hit my "play list." The first one a later rendition with a video, the second track I think is true to the original.....
So Reggie, I have to ask, do you like Hair Metal more than Thrash metal,eh. [emoji848]. The big question is.
Who has the nicest hair, eh. My vote is for Sebastian Bach. [emoji16][emoji1787]

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Not quite sure exactly if I know the difference.... gotta research it...
Back then I could've given them a run on the hair... To my chagrin however, my "look" was oft compared to Steve Perry of Journey...  :shocked:
Concerning "hair" - I made this video a year or so ago...  ;)