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Happy St. Paddy's !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can't believe nobody's postted this yet!@ Happy St. Patricks daY! I'm on John Powers and Guinness since 5:00, as could not start at breakfast as usual on this glorious holiday!

To all my fellow Mc's out there, I raise a tipple to you!!

To our March 18th Hangovers!

Bah! I'm drinking to remember the Druids that St. Patrick slaughtered by the thousands. If we forget history we are bound to repeat it.
For us Aussies, St. Pats day was yesterday and I consumed far to much Guinness last night :drunk: and the drive to work this morning was an interesting one....:lol::sick:
I am unable and unwilling to drink today. Have to get up very early and have a very hard day ahead of me. I did have a few Irish Carbombs on Saturday though.
i am officially wasted...

4 big boys of GUINNESS and 1 bottle of PATRON ANEJO TEQUILA...

and some really good chilli...

Im italian and my wife is Irish.. this is the first time we have celebrated St Pasquale Day together...lol
FiveStar said:
69th post!!! Why isn't there a smiley for this??

Heh heh that's funny. Congrats again IGG. I'm glad that 3 hours you took off the other day didn't slow you down too much.:lol:
This St. Patrick's day I will celebrate the Driuds memory by drinking cheap golden colored beer and burning good green colored herbs.
I drank some beers, hung out with some bros from Scotland/UK online, and made some Colcannon...it's been a fun day. :D

Went out at 7:00 last nite for a couple of pints with the boys at the British local...Rolled in at 3:00...called in sick at 7:00...posted a couple of stupid comments here at 7:30 ( obviously still pissed...) Got up at noon. Back to pub at 1:00 to shake hangover. Suicide cbeef curry and 8 pints later, head and gut are okay now...

I love being single...