greenhouse Harbor Freight 6x8 Greenhouse onsale $200

It does come in handy for us that have colder weather,I have been inside  it on a cold but sunny day in January & its easy 70*,feels good.
I also wish I had bought 2 & joined them together,,at that  time for 200 bucks..ah  was dealing with a hectic work sched., etc..nevertheless its
comes in handy & you will enjoy  having it Chuck!
HF GH back on sale for 200's  offered  occasionally during the growing season..i a great buy,should you be in the market for bet is to pick it up if you have a store nearby..shipping can be pricy...
Its great...mine is over 10  yrs old ..
Prob can, depends on fine print of coupon so look at the various ones online (people scan them), but I have used the one item coupon on also a sale item.