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pics Harvest

nmlarson said:
I can't speak for Denmark, but here in the US, one can buy tinned and jarred "Sweety Drops," or "Sweety Pepps." You can Google ingredients and find a recipe that works. I've used a family "sweet & sour" recipe originally intended for pickling cucumbers and chow chow successfully.
I'll do that, thanks a lot! 
Todays harvest, I call it summer in a bowl

Peppers: Black is a pasilla from junaitospeppers, the white is a murupi amarela. Red is a fire flame pepper. Orange is Andy's King BOC. Yellow is Jamaican mushroom yellow, and the small red is Biquinho as pictured before :) 
luvmesump3pp3rz said:
are they sorted by ripeness? or are they actually different types of cherries? they look great and are one of if not my favorite fruit. nice haul.
3 different types of pie cherries 
the Brightest red ones are Northstar and i would say are the most tart of the 3, they have nearly clear juice and yellow flesh. 
The other two are Carmine Jewel, and Romeo or Juliet I forgot.  These have Dark flesh and Dark juice.