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pics Harvest

Combo harvest from the last couple of days

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We had a couple of nights in a row get down to around 35-36. I went ahead and picked all the tomatoes that were left and brought the peppers inside as a dry run for overwintering. Moving them back outside I broke a branch on the habanero plant, which explaines the dark green Habaneros. I guess they will ripen up(?). Jalapenos left over from previous harvest. So many Habaneros. I seriously don't know what to do with them all. I have probably twice this many already in the freezer. The wife won't even eat jalaoenos and I can only make so much salsa.


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Well, been blowing/squalling pretty hard up here in nw Broward for a tropical storm. My weather station got sustained gusts, 1 registered 52mph. So decided to prune a little back on all plants and pick and washed all the ripe fruit... then moved the plants deep into the patio, just in case a stray 70mph tropical gust whips right in... ;)
Unplanned mini harvest. Seven pot primo. I started this plant very late in the season with the intention on experimenting during winter in the greenhouse. The plan was to prune and defoliate after the first freeze. Since the plant had grown a couple of pods I decided to go ahead and let them grow out. Now that they have ripened I can now prune. The plan will grow out this season in a 20-gallon pot.


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