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pics Harvest

Mitzi said:
Which are the Baha Goat?  None of them look like it to me, but I'm not an expert.
Good that you asked. Lol.  Till today I was under impression that the plant I was growing is bahamian goat.
I looked up the pictures now and the pods dont look like baha goats.
Now I am not sure what they are. May be friends here can help me identify this pepper.
The pods are bright Red and smooth.
Some pods have little stingers at the bottom.

Thegreenchilemonster said:
Oh yeah, I'm well aware what the name means It's what they call it in Perú. Very hot peppers, some of the hottest in Perú.
Lol cool to know, Im from peru! Hehe
Guessing from ur favorite dish,u from Peru¿?
Man U got an a lot a of Peruvian peppers!!!
I need you to tell me some of your best, all I know about is ají amarillo
Y rocoto arequipeño, cuz thats where Im from lol Arequipa.
Picked partial green yesterday, almost fully ripe inside today.  Should be fully ripe tomorrow.  We're getting the summer pop-up showers in the afternoon now, typical of sea breeze collision from the Gulf and the Atlantic.  Gives the plants some relief from the summer heat.  Lots of pods now means more nice harvest next week.
It is great seeing the pods from the Northern Hemisphere , all are looking great.
Middle of winter here, and I have been 100% neglecting my plants. I am going to rip them all out and start again for next season.
I normally would have started them inside by now, but I have been having too much fun (away from home for a few short trips) and they would have died from no care if I had of started them. Time to start thinking about what I want to grow.
Having said that, I went out and had a look in my garden this afternoon, and was surprised by this. There was probably just as many that I threw out due to splitting and starting to rot due to the freezing temps.
Not bad for a mid winter harvest.