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Hatch chili time!

There's something about Hatch. 'nuff said.
MOST DEFINITELY! Tonight did black beans with a smoke roasted Hatch, half yellow onion, sautéed in beef tallow, mixed in a can of black beans, seasoned with dat and pepper, let it simmer down, and dang. Amazing. Sweet. Touch of heat. Only thing that woulda made it better was some corn added in. UNFORTUNATELY wifey doesn’t eat corn. 🙄 Oh yeah, and baby back ribs with my pork rub and latest iteration of my my bbq sauce!


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Howdy! I saw the first batch of Hatch chile being roasted yesterday, it was from young guns out of Hatch (Great Farmers!) You got an early batch of Chile for sure. Usually the roasting begins in August/September. A lot of green chile is coming out of Lemitar, New Mexico, way different taste, more like a hay flavor. I am hoping this year will be a hot batch, The farmers had to struggle with water issues this year, as it is a pretty dry this season. Cheers!
No doubt about it being an early batch. First time I have ever got immediate sweet taste, then a touch of heat.

My wife’s grandad and dad are from Las Cruces. Only time I have been out that way was when we all went 8 or 9 years ago. Literally every single roasting stand in Mesilla Valley….SOLD OUT. Was disappointed about that. Was NOT disappointed that wife’s grandad was born and raised there. Got many dozens of Roberto’s tortillas and tamales fresh out the door. Best tamales on earth!!!