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Heart broken - Thank you Ebay

For years, have had a 100% positive feed back on Ebay.  Great folk, lots migrated to my web site.  Some have become online friends via facebook and I am fairly sure I have migrated a few here.  This last hospital visit wasnt something I had time to shut down my listings, so lots went unfilled till I got home.  Its my fault, I also didnt have the opportunity to bring my lap top.  I was just kind of gasping for air and then they kept me for what seems like forever.

So I can understand people demanding a refund.  I can understand an honest negative review.  But oh damn the hurtful things people can say in their private messages.  Lots of people to reply to and as the day is going on, I am getting heart warming responses from folk.  One person had already received their order, late but with five times as many seeds as they ordered.  So not complaining about the whole of ebay folk or even a large number.

Just wow people can be hurtful.
There are far worse things in life than comments or opinions of people you will never actually meet.
I mean.....SERIOUSLY.....does it really matter?
...and they used to call ME the Drama Queen. Would you like to borrow my crown?
Many people say things on the internet because they know if they said em to your face they'd get a beat down.  On the one hand, the entire world of learning (pron too!) at your fingertips.  On the other hand, a buncha misfit trolls spouting venom and flames in comments and reviews that stick around forever.  Don't take it to heart AJ.  
Definitely don't take it personal.  Sticks and stones, and what SnF said about the anonymity of the interwhebz. 
Here's one I got yesterday-
"[SIZE=medium]I'm orders supposed to be here today it's late and I have a tracking number that does nothing for me what kind of business is being ran here"[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]I did actually reply "What kind of business is being ran here?  One that at least uses punctuation. ......"[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]I've started quoting and saving some of these better customer comments.  Maybe someday I'll write a book~~~[/SIZE]
Yeah, haters gonna hate.
Your experience is one of the many reasons I found for not engaging in selling pods or seeds.
Looking at the money people get for either, with the literally thousands of pods I harvest each season (and premium quality, if I do say so myself), I Believe I could seriously supplement my income, but the hassles are not worth it. I would rather remain a simple hobbyist.
Anyway, good luck, and wishing you a speedy and complete recovery.