Hello from São Paulo, Brasil!

Hi people! I'm new to the Forum and this is my first post. I'm from São Paulo, Brasil (currently living in São José dos Campos, just an hour away) and a recent hobbyist pepper grower.

I'm growing a small amount of hot peppers I bought on the internet and I intend to seek for help and advice from the experienced pepper growers here (probably everyone).
Here are my peppers in their current stage of growth (probably early adolescents for what I've seen by the forum posts):

The gel was put there because I had to leave for some days... This is in my balcony (I live in an apartment) which is open. Temperature here ranges from 25ºC to 35ºC (~70ºF to 90ºF) this season so it is warm enough to leave them outside all the time.
I have arranged them so that each 2 columns contain 10 or more seeds of the kind of pepper in the corresponding label.
I found out only after starting that these peppers are not for begginers since they take long to fruit... Anyway, I'll go on as a hardcore-wannabe-first-timer with them... Hope I can have your support on the looooooooooooong journey of growing these peppers!
Thanks mpicante and hogleg!

They are T. S. B. Taylor, Bhut Jolokia, T. Morouga and Carolina Reaper. I bought them in a deal on the internet so I don't really know all of them :D. I hope they're really what they're meant to be hehehe
Oops, TSB Taylor is meant to be Trinidad Scorpion by Butch Taylor. Should have written Scorpion there...
Thanks guys! (and eventually girls, not really sure if any from the profile pics and nicknames)

Please feel free to comment on my pepper plantation setup and evolution, it's been like 5 weeks since I planted the seeds, I don't know if they're growing ok or if something is slowing the process...

Thanks again for the warm welcome messages!
Hello hot stuff! Since I'm a guy it's better to say 'Bem vindO' :)
Well, if by Salvador you mean 'Morro de São Paulo', that's a nice plan, heh! Actually, the whole Northeast coast of Brazil is pretty scenic. Lookup 'Lençois maranhenses' and 'Jericoacoara', beautiful places! :D

Thanks for the welcome also moruga welder!
chiltepin said:
:welcome: .  Good start to the season!  You have a lot of heat in that tray!
Yeah, and that's actually more I can take care of here, I don't have the space for growing all of them until maturity. I bought 40 seeds, 10 of each kind, so I decided to plant all of them for a better chance of success (I wasn't sure of the quality of the seeds, actually, I probably won't be sure if I was ripped off until I see thag the peppers are really of the kind I bought hehe) so I was surprised when almost all of them ended up in sprouts.

I think that in a month I may have some adolescent to adult plants available for donation. I'll keep you guys posted on this just in case anyone here happen to live in Brazil and wants some hot peppers. :)